Stop working to USE YOUR EDUCATION moms
|   Apr 14, 2017
Stop working to USE YOUR EDUCATION moms

Very often mothers say that they leave their kids and go to work because they want to use their education. It makes sense if they work for money but what does using their education mean ? Does it say stay at home moms are all uneducated or are they wasting their education ?

We go to study to gain knowledge and wisdom which is required at every step in life. It is not neccessary to do a job to prove that we are educated. Putting our education to use cannot be done just by going out and working for someone. The most important purpose of our education is to shape our personality and mentality. So for those who believe it is a job alone where you can use your education, there is something seriously wrong in their education.

Writing a code,writing emails, reports is this what you were educated for ? I was educated to be someone who can be independent emotionally, mentally and financially IF NEEDED. I can be capable of taking my own decisions, think rationally, earn for myself whenevr I need to. Never did my parents say that they are sending me to school so that one day I could be an employee in a good company.

When we stay at home and help our children at each step we are using the wisdom we have. The knowledge we share with our kids cannot be found in any of the books. That knowledge of the how we should deal with situations cannot come to a child through a maid. The only difference is here you don't get paid in the form of a salary. Does not mean your education is wasted. Infact using it to mould your kids is the best way to use it. Our education keeps our kids steps ahead of the unfortunate kids who do not have educated parents.The investment is long term with lifetime benefits. Your kids are the future of this world, please don't think bringing them up is a waste of your degree. They will always look upto you with respect.  Kids nurture on love and not on the codes we write. Fair enough to say that you want to work because you want more money or you love your job. Very unfair to think the moms at home are not using their education out there.

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