When shopping became a pain...
|   Dec 12, 2016
When shopping became a pain...

Just like all other girls, I am a shopoholic. Shopping tends to be an instant relief from all sufferings. Clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, chocolates can easily bring a smile on my face. I used to spend hours in malls only to pickup the best piece. Sometimes ended up buying nothing but that doesn't matter. Its the experience thats important.

Until my kid was 2, i would take him in a stroller and shop till I drop. He would either sleep or may b munch some cookies but not disturb me. As he grew up, he started behaving like a Boy, "hurry up mumma". He would throw tantrums, pick up stuff and create scenes in the shops. I had no option but to give up shopping with him. He would just not let me breathe inside a showroom. The only shop he likes is the toy shop.

My love for shopping increased when I started shopping online. Endless options, reasonable pricing and I could browse for hours without anyone getting cranky. I loved the concept of home delivery. Intially, I had inhibitions regarding the quality and size of things I order but the return policy always worked. From vegetables to jewellery, I am addicted to shopping online now.  

A technical background helped me take it forward and start a shopping website for women www.themagicalthread.com . My kid gave me ideas to work again on something that I enjoyed the most. Instead of sitting back and blaming our kids for the changes in our life, we mothers should look for alternatives. May be the changes that happen are for the better. I never blame my son for my career break, rather its just because of him that I get to explore options and do things I could never have done following a regular corporate job.

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