Big shot and Small Shot
|   Nov 15, 2016
Big shot and Small Shot

Anika A BIG SHOT everyone called her.But She never thought she had anything big.

She had a career in teaching as good as anyone can think of in the field of education. Dean of a prestigious institute of one the best college in India. She married in a riche rich family and her husband is a CEO of a fortune 500 company. Her two children were well settled, son being a big shot in investment banking, daughter being a big shot in legal field. Daughter in Law and Son in law were chosen keeping in mind the big shot status. And they and their families were all big shot people too.

For her happiness means having a dinner in the costliest hotels. Constantly flying around the world. Having big fat marriages and having world-class travels in world class islands and resorts. Having the best car , the most costliest diamond, and having everything which is costly basically. Anything cheep is bad mentally.. well why not??she can afford it and so is everyone in their family.

As per her people are really careless and have laid back attitude. She Always used to tell people around her, that how useless their life will be.

If they don’t score highest marks in their respective course. She was of the view everyone must be 1st ranker in whatever they do only then she used to communicate or have any kind of association with other people.

She always wondered how people who are plumber, driver , house wives ,uneducated people and educated but not earning in 8 or 9 digit number can live in life.. She felt any one earning below 9 digit number must be living sadistic life as they are all poor. They have wasted their life and how tense they must be. She used to be tensed thinking this.

Once upon a time she met Gangu Bai. A small shot.

She had no place to live, her husband was an alcoholic; who had no fixed job, He was working on daily wages whenever he could. She had 6 children they went to government schools, where there was no buildings, no teachers and no toilets.

She always treated people who are educated as egoist, people who have house and money are all bad. But who treated her good are the only nice people on earth.

She didn’t have any big shot concepts, she laughed and her cheeks glowed like bulb( of-course she was black or dusky).

Anika used to feel very bad for her. When Gangu Bai asked Anika what she had for breakfast, Anika has to bluff saying she eat rice or poha or upma as what Anika actually had will not be familiar dish to Gangu Bai. Anika’s breakfast usually ment corn-falks, cereals and oats.

Anika asked Gangu Bai, does she has any problem? ( As Ankia was aware about her financial condition and alcoholic husband). Gangu Bai replied ‘No’ ,everything is fine because of God’s grace and anika’s grace.

This answer always used to depress Anika.

Here starts the story of Animesh. A middle class Indian guy.

Animesh thinks when he heard the name Anika he knew she is educated, he knew she is rich, he knew she is sensible and he even knew she is worth living, must be fair and must be well worse with the language called English.( a symbol of sophistication in India)

He said when he heard the name Gangu Bai he knew she is uneducated, dark skinned, working as a servant and must be having number of kids; who must be in government school as her alcoholic husband couldn’t have afforded decent school.

What a Sherlock brain!!

He says the name says it all, most of the times.. kon kahta he naam me kya rakha he???

Economists feel it’s the gap between haves and have-nots.

Sociologist study this.

Philosophers; well they are supposed to ignore it but we can see them minting money because of it.

Discrimination/difference doesn’t just lie between Anika and Gangu Bai.

There is this old saying “In India after every 10 km there is different accent, after 100 km there is a different dialect, 1000 km there is a different language.”

And we are proud of our diversity aren’t we.

Class, religion, cast, sex, inferiority and superiority, languages, different food styles, different culture, different customs, well different laws too, everything is different just different. Not good or bad.

Then why do we tend to condemn someone else’s difference?

Yes, I feel happy when I meet someone speaking my mother tongue, I feel happy to meet an Indian outside India, I feel happy when I meet people who shares the same things and thoughts.

So that I can say same pinch to them.😛

But that doesn’t at all mean I feel sad meeting or spending time with someone who is just different all together.

Everything what is ours is good the color of our skin, dressing sense, eating habit, language, dialect( oh we Indians always have two languages pure and impure of same language)[ shidha ashudha marathi, kannada, hindi], customs, likes and dislikes about anything. All what is others is bad or the other way round nothing is good about us borrow it from north, east, west, south anywhere and everything is good about only others.

We have a choice to choose extremes too. But do we give this same choice to others?

What I don’t understand is this need to change people and expect them to become like us.

Don’t we some times wish we should have known some secret language; which the people around us don’t understand, haven’t we wished hopefully we don’t bump on known or familiar face at certain event or party. Don’t we get excited seeing something new, different, unlike us. Mostly what amuses us is things or people who are unlike us.

From where does this need to change people like us comes from?

Is it our insecurity? Or our vulnerability ? Or the need to be in power? Or is it just about the blind folded age-old believes in which you are supposed to follow something or someone?

Can we everytime accept people who are just unlike us and enjoy their company?Is it possible that we do not get bored with people who are just like us?

At both the extremes we are not happy. How to strike a fine balance?

Do we really need to bridge the gap between haves and have-nots only in economic terms or does it even need a paradigm mental shift?

I like the similarities and I like the dis-similarities too. I like to be me

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