Driven to Drive!
|   Jan 10, 2017
Driven to Drive!

I am aware that it does not make much sense. I am unable to reason it out myself. Driving my scooter always gives me immense enjoyment. That control on the accelerator is a feeling of having wings. Given that logic, I should have been pretty much keen on learning to drive a car too. Since that must analogically feel like having wings with a backrest 😛. But guess what, it didn't. At least till about a month back.

My human abilities to identify and distinguish objects are limited when it comes to cars. I was better at remembering Godforsaken dates in history periods at school than recalling names and models of cars. Besides, the entire exercise of driving has always appeared like a hell lot of work to me. Although I love to go on long drives with hubby, I have never envied him to occupy the driver's seat. Finally, after having run out of excuses to him and myself like, "Let the rains go", "Oh please let summer go", "Our car is too new to be damaged by an amateur", "What's the need for it when I can get a chauffeur driven cab so easily?", "There is no point in self driving in this mad traffic","Are you going to look after our kids alone if I land in jail?", I decided to overcome my inhibition and join that driving school which I used to gaze though the corner of my eyes.

It was not the first time of sitting in a car. But it was the very first time of taking that right seat in front. It was like looking at a car with an altogether different view. Rather, it were as if being seated in a roller coaster while holding breath till it started! Usually being a bragger of my mutitasking skills, I was not very confident about it on the day of my debut as a driver. Honestly, until my first driving class, I never really cared much about the switches, handles and levers that make a car go, apart from the steering wheel (And that too, merely because at times hubby drives with an oath of not honking a single horn in a mind boggling traffic and I constantly stare at that damn thing to be pressed!). Soon I realised that the makers of cars fail to notice that human beings have only two feet. How is one supposed to use them for a clutch, a brake and an accelerator without having to take a peek down? If only I had one more foot! To add to my misery, I have this strange deadly reflex action of pressing on the accelerator hard whenever I get nervous. The otherwise calm instructor is always bewildered by this. "Madam Madam, slow jaane se hamesha achha rehta" in his Hyderabadi Hindi.

Then there is my most unfavorite part which I would have loved to do without - gears! Why the hell should there be a need to change it? Why can't it be as simple as racing the accelerator or leaving it like in a scooter? Can they not come up with fluorescent coloured buttons for each number right on the panel in front instead of a standalone stick? Being an engineer myself, I know this demand might sound silly, but still 😐... I fancy designing a car for self some day!

Another part of car driving that I am not very fond of is parking it. For parking my scooter, I hardly have to do any angle calculations. Simply look out for a space between two bikes. If none is available then use a little muscle power for some lifting and pulling and dragging. And voila! There I am, with space created for my vehicle on my own.

I am damn sure that driving my own car is going to be a different ball game than practising on that driving school vehicle. In jams, tricky turns or simply when distracted by fear, I know the instructor is not going to let it go haywire using the magic of his controls. I am so going to miss that extra control panel in mine!

But inspite of the grudges that I hold against car driving, I confess that I am eager to master the art. I am driven to drive my car by this notion of dropping by hubby's office for a surprise pick up and then saying, "Aaja meri gaadi me in baith ja..." 😉

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