Too responsible that your are so lethargic
|   Apr 07, 2016
Too responsible that your are so lethargic

Its been five years since  they got married (Kavin and Meera).It was very smooth that house filled with joy of married couples and a sweet lil kid(Abi).That evening they had a party at home for building a very big high tech house with all luxurious things.Every body busy getting ready Meera too, meanwhile she was checking the check list,Abi came mom I need this dress and not that one and I don need shoes I ll wear only my new glittering slippers, Meera with a smile pls Abi try to understand this is a very big party we cant do that.Tring tring  phone rings mam its from star hotel I think u r menu will have some changes due to change in chef ,Meera actuallly no no  I want the same menu with no changes let me try mam thank you.Its tring tting second time Kavin called Meera and he asked is everything going good yes honey all set to go u please come quick and get ready I kept all your needfull things in your place ok.Mam its getting too late pls come for make up.Ohh ss am coming she was getting ready in a adorable way when she was about to do her hairstyle one of the guest came hi Meera she gave them a warm welcome and Kavin came inbetween he invited them Meera brought coffee for all then she got excused and went to tie her hair.Kavin  came suddenly shouted Meera inperson "what are you doing through out the day" the most and popularly used sentence by all men with no hesitation,Meera kept silent.The party started grandly and Kavin invited his friends and relatives Abi joined them Kavin told his friend s I made this  when I was doing I faced that much issues with these i made everything completely successful.Abi was watching his father in a new dimension all went well and party ended. Meera was arranging back things at right way and boiling milk for Kavin and Abi ,by the time both went to bed  Abi asked Kavin papa why did you lie to your friends that u made all things Kavin said what yes  I did I gave money for everything and bought it so i told that but mom took all the "responsibility"for this,Kavin was taken back later Meera came with two glass of milk for Kavin and Abi later Meera went to sleep . Kavin just started rewinding all the memories from the day he got married I just earned,spent money and I m too focused  only in saving it but today my son thought me being responsible is taking care in all aspects also he made me feel i am responsible to grow my son and  teach him what is responsibility,being his father thank  you Abi (making me realise).Next morning Meera got up and  went to kitchen she found a beautiful coffee mug as replacement of her slightly broken mug with a rolled paper stating Abi made me born new  today by adding responsibility in my character "Happy 6th Anniversary to us"love u Meera.

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