Lucky childhood
|   Oct 01, 2016
Lucky childhood

One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, i think, to have a happy childhood. Childhood is the best phase of each and every person's life and the memories of childhood is always cherished for a lifetime. We even share our childhood memories with our kids which makes us nostalgic. But do our kids enjoy their childhood the way we did?? We all say that todays generation is very advanced. Current generation is advanced just in terms of technology. Yes u have your mobile phone, u have google (the ultimate answering machine), u have internet3G4G, laptops, etc. But does all these things make u advanced?? Parents nowadays push their kids to all the activity classes, tutions, summer camps, etc. But does all these contribute to a child's development? I doubt bcoz all this is being done forcefully. Kids are so much busy and stressed out that they hardly get any time to interact with their parents / friends and also they dont get time to play any sports / games or develop their hobbies. Optimising the early years of children's lives is the best investment we can make as a society in ensuring their future success. 

When I look back and recollect my childhood days, I remember that we had a fixed time for playing in the evening. As soon as I reach home after school, my mom used to give me snacks and milk and I used to rush downstairs of my flat to play with my friends. We used to play about an hour and then go back to our homes and do HW or study. We used to play different games in different seasons and that was so much of fun. We used to fight, we used to quarell but there was a strong bonding between all of us. Now, when I see my daughter playing with mobiles, laptops, video games, etc. I realise that my childhood was very beautiful. It was beautiful in all aspects. In those times there was only black n white TV in every house and only one channel i.e. doordarshan. People used to eagerly wait for sundays to watch the TV adaption of  great epic mahabharat. The impact of that serial was such that till date our mind does'nt accept anybody else in that character. Nowadays we get to see different versions of mahabharat, ramayan and other devotional serials which hardly register in our minds. Another program which children used to dedicatedly watch was jungle book. There used to be so much curiosity to watch the next episode. Nowadays we have hundreds of channels of which many are cartoon channels for children. Children are so much addicted to cartoon channels these days. Do we really need these many options of entertainment. Anything in excess is not good. Also, as the technology is becoming advanced, people have stopped using their brains. From the time people have started using mobile phones, we do not have to remember phone nos., birthdays, etc. We have internet and hence whenever we need to use our brain, we just google it and we have the immediate solution/ answer. There is no creativity as such. We tend to copy each and everything from google. Nowadays children have started using mobile phones from such an early age which is adversely affecting their mind and body. They are having weak eyesight from a very small age. They tend to have stress at a very tender age bcoz they is too much pressure on them from parents to go to various classes like dance, drawing, activities, sports, tution, etc. as a part of the competition. Parents think that they are contributing to their child's development by doing all these. But actually they are putting burden on kids to prove themselves, ultimately resulting to stress. Why cant we train our kids just as we were trained by our parents... A few changes in our kids lifestyle as mentioned below can surely make our kids stress free and they will start enjoying and loving their childhood phase...

1. Stop giving mobile phones to kids

2. Stop them from playing video games or tell them they can play only once in a week

3. Dont allow them to spend too much time on laptops

4. Take ur kid to gardens / parks  where they will enjoy playing

5. Allow them to watch only 1 or 2 cartoons in a day

6. Encourage them to play with their friends and develop team spirit

7. Do not control ur kids too much. At times, let them free and allow them to enjoy. Teach them to enjoy nature. Allow kids to enjoy rain.. Allow them to play in mud...

8. Parents should chart out a days schedule of their kid in such a way that they get time to study.. Time to play..spend time with parents and siblings..time for prayer..time to develop their hobbies...etc. 

These small changes will surely make our kid's childhood stress free, enjoyable and memorable.

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