Lump in the throat:- a story
|   Jun 29, 2017
Lump in the throat:- a story

Ria was a happy go lucky girl. Born in a middle class family, she had not got very big dreams. She only want to excel in academics and make a carier. she can easily find happiness in small things of life.

 Life was going smoothly for her. Soon she was grown up but due to some health problems she was not able to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. But she didn't gave up and went for graduation and then post-graduation. Soon she completed it with flying colors. Now according to her Parents, it was time to marry. She wanted to do a job first. But she agreed and soon she was married to an engineer guy. Now it was time to shift the base and they both moved to a remote area where her hubby was posted. She got busy in her new home and life. But she feels lonely there with no family and friends. She wanted to work but no job was available according to her taste. so she started taking home tutions in the evening time. Soon Ria gained popularity and her students increased from two to ten. After few months she decided to start a creche in her home for small children.
 All preparations were done and she had just to start her new venture, a news came to her. Her husband had resigned from that company and joined a new one in another state. It was a shock to her, but she took it patiently and started preparations for moving.
Few months passed in setting the new house and getting accoustomed to new place and culture. Language was a major constraint for her. Again she started feeling lonely. Now she started looking for a job and this time she was successful.Ria started teaching in a premier computer institute. She was quite happy as she was learning new skills too. After few months she secured a post of lecturership in a college. She was working hard and managing her home and job quite perfectly, but she feels incomplete. College politics and family problems left her puzzled sometimes. At this time she heard of freelance writers job and out of curosity, she applied for it. For her amazement, she got selected. Life was quite busy now. She works as a lecturer and also as a writer. Now she feels she had find her passion. She was quite happy with her life.
Now she decides to move ahead in personal life too and plan for family extension. Soon her prayers were met and she conceived. This was not an easy going pregnancy and she was told to bed rest. So she left her lecturership but continued her writing. Nine months passed in a jiffy and she was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She was very happy with her baby. Her writings were also gaining popularity and were published on renowned websites. She took a thirty days off from her writing job after her delivery and was back to it.
Soon it was time to move to her husband's place. There again she was left alone but with a small baby in hand. She tried to manage things on her own without any support of family or even her husband. But all this started taking toll on her health. Sleep deprivation and all household work left her exahusted. It effects her writing work too. Her baby was growing but her quality as well as quantity of writings were going down drastically. She was not able to submit her work on time. Her seniors were furious from all this. She was now getting lesser and lesser work.
Few months passed like this. One day she had to submit an article. She was about to complete it. Her baby had started crawling by this time. She just took a two minutes break from her and concentrated on her article. She submitted that and looked back and what she found . Her baby, in an attempt to crawl under a chair had hurt her head and blood was oozing out from there. The baby had puked all over the floor too and was sitting in that. She felt a rush of gulit.
All this was very much for her to tolerate. She decides to quit her freelancing job and pay complete attention on her angel now. With a very heavy heart she quits, but she felt a lump in her throat. She lefts her passion for the sake of her child, but from inside she felt hollow.
Ria now concentrated fully on her girl. Her angel grew faster and meet all her milestones ahead of the children of her age. Ria introduced her girl to the fascinating world of books. Her baby also loves reading with her mumma. They both do all the activities together. Reading and playing with her kid is now in the daily schedule for Ria, but she felt incomplete. She felt a void in her life that she does not know how to fill. She had to be completely dependent on her husband financially. She left her passion for the well being of her child and family, but she is not able to find her own identity. She wants to start writing again, to live her dream again.
P.S.:- this is a story of many households in our society. Women leaves their passion, their dream job for the well being of their loved ones. But as a person themselves, they feel lost. Doesn't it is the duty of their family members to help them out in the difficult situation?%3C/div%3E

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