Baby food worries....sorted here!
|   Aug 18, 2016
Baby food worries....sorted here!

If packaged ready to eat noodles is not good for you...then how can ready to eat baby food be good for your baby?
This thought pinched me when I was reading an article about packaged food that claims to be fast to cook and good to eat. No doubt about the finger licking taste, but as stated in the article I realised that digesting them has always been a challenge for me. After all it will have preservatives that are obviously not natural. 
Suddenly this creeped my mind about the baby foods we give to our little ones. Their tiny tummies and the digestive system is so sensitive , can they take the load of preservatives? Or is it really true about safe , preservative free, chemical free baby food slogans and advertisement? 
Although I didn't know what's right or wrong I immediately called my sister who has a chubby bubbly cutie pie of 6 month old. I spoke my heart to her. What she said was amazing and here are the few foods that she feeds her lovey dovey.
1. Blended roti and milk (without sugar, as the roti and milk both have the ability to produce sucrose).
2. Blended fruit shakes (apple, cheeku, banana, papaya)
3. A home made cerelac with cereals and sprouted green grams . This powder mixed with honey and milk to a semi solid consistency.
4. Boiled and mashed veggies with khichdi or just the mashed veggies. Vegetables like carrot, beetroots,potato,bottle guard, sweet pumpkin etc can be used. 
5. Porridge..the favourite of all mums with ghee ☺
And to my surprise she said there is no need for baby food supplement if all home made food is given to the baby. Isn't it amazing? So all the worried mums out there call up your granny and find out what she fed your mom or dad. I am sure they are the best guide to help you in making your baby healthy and fit.e

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