We bleed. Period.
|   Apr 25, 2017
We bleed. Period.

Of late i have been finding many online articles on 'menstrual cycle' and 'sanitary pads'. Somehow those articles are making me happy and comfortable understanding that discussing 'menstrual cycle' is nomore a taboo. We can now write and talk about it openly. Nomore 'chup chup kay bethna'! Now every other woman celebrity is coming ahead to promote hygiene and the use of sanitary pads. Wow that gives me a sense of relief and a deeper feeling of self respect. Surely most moms would now feel more relaxed talking to their daughters about 'why we bleed' and ' how we handle that for the rest half of our lives'.

I remember around fifteen years back, somewhere I needed to wear a pad. I was told by the lady of the house that they have no sanitary pads in the affluent house! That surprised me, as i have always used one since i learnt about it. That lady suggested she could give me her old torn cotton sarees, to cut and fold as pads! Needless to say, i shrieked at the thought of trying to wash clean such clothes and somehow asked her to send someone to buy me a packet of sanitary napkins. Thank goodness, i did not change my mind.

Well whether our government should make sanitary napkins tax free is a different current issue debated. But what's more required is that each elderly woman of the house should guide the young ladies into inculcating the right levels of hygiene. Menstrual cycle every month is the healthiest thing that can help a woman. Often it is painful with cramps, emotional swings, depression, fear of stains in public, slowing down or feeling lazy. The stigma of being 'not pure' to perform pujas, visit temples, enter kitchen or attend any holy ceremony still exists. It's a culture, we preserve and learn to follow with time. But how many mothers make that effort to tell their daughters how beneficial it is for a woman's health. That feeling of 'shame' should be abolished. 

Make daughters aware of not just the precautions taken around our menstruation, but also the positive aspects of it. Let​ the men of the house know, we bleed for reasons we cannot change. It is not an easy process for the body to bleed for five long days, often more. Our rest and peace of mind is of utmost importance during our menstrual cycle. Bear with us for being​ different than what we are for the rest of the month. Why sanitary pads only need to be tax free? Let our 'ad world' get more real too. Let that 'blue gel' dropped on the sanitary pads for our so called television 'commercials' trying to show how absorbent they are, be replaced with some blood 'Red' gel! Does that sound too much? No more whispers...time to talk real.


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