7 Evil Advantages of Breastfeeding
|   Nov 30, 2015
7 Evil Advantages of Breastfeeding
You have definitely read a million articles on advantages of breastfeeding on physical and emotional health of mother and child. You won't read about all those in here. Here, I am writing about how you can take advantage of the fact that you are breastfeeding. After all, breast is the best.
  1. Good food
    This is a major advantage when you visit your and your husband's home. Owing to the fact that you are breastfeeding your little one, and that the baby gets what you eat, you are literally fed with all good delicacies.

  2. Good rest
    Breastfeeding is a time when you can just close the door, feed your baby and take some time for yourself.
    " Baby kept waking up at night to feed and I wasn't able to sleep at all" is also a good excuse to get an extra hour of sleep for yourself when you have are at your parents or in-laws place.

  3. Escape route from household chores.
    When you are asked to do some household chore that you detest and you see your baby get a little cranky, you could say your baby seems hungry and needs to be fed and get out of the work.

  4. To get away from boring relatives
    When you are at any relative's place or you have guests who are not quite your favourite, a hungry baby excuse can help you get away to a room and shut yourself away for a good while.

  5. Make your husband do some work
    " Hon, could you please get me a glass of water. Feeding is making me thirsty."
    " Hon, could you please clear the table. I think the guests will be here any minute."
    " Hon, could you please put the dal in the cooker."
    I leave the rest to your imagination.

  6. Time to socialise
    We are all guilty of checking Facebook and texting on whatsapp while breastfeeding.

  7. The most passive way to lose weight
    Can you imagine of any other way to lose weight without moving your body? I can't. But not so much if you exploit point no.1 way too much.

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