An Open Letter to Every New Mom
|   May 09, 2016
An Open Letter to Every New Mom

Hello New Mom,

You now have in your hands a sweet burrito that can invoke in you various emotions in span of few seconds. You may not necessarily be in love with him now, but that doesn't mean you never will. He will drive you crazy with his non-stop crying. He will make you repent your decision to have a child. He will make you tired, exhausted and will turn your life upside down. But somewhere down the line, you will fall head over heels for your little one. You will realize a new meaning in your life. You will find in yourself a hidden reserve of strength and love.

Your body is now going to be different. Your nipples are going to be sore. It might even bleed. Every inch of your body will ache. The raging hormones, exhaustion and sleep deprivation will get better of you. You won't be able to think straight and will pick a fight with everyone around you. But remember, this too will pass.

Try to eat on time and take rest. Hunger and sleep deprivation can be a complete turn off when it comes to taking care of your little one.

You might be googling every time your baby sneezes. Read so that you know, but stop being obsessed. Rather, be with your baby, cuddle with him, touch and feel his tiny feet, enjoy his goo-gaas... And click some pictures... These are memories you will cherish life long.

You would definitely be desperate to get some uninterrupted sleep and would be reading about baby sleep everywhere. While Google is good, your mom is better. After all, she brought up the contributor of half the genes that your baby carry.

You will be bombarded with gazillion advices everyday. Listen to them. But never ever cease to trust your instincts. And as long as your baby is healthy and happy, stop tormenting yourself over every little thing that happens.

Let the laundry pile up, let the kitchen sink be full, let the home be messy. Try getting used to it because if you want to have some peace of mind, all these peripherals will have to take a back seat. Put on some good clothes and look pretty, just for yourself. Get out of your home with your little one. Try to laugh with your child. Find something to be grateful for.

In between, remember about your child's father too. You are going to be in no mood for sex. But a cuddle is heart-warming anytime, a hug is pleasant anytime, a kiss is comforting anytime. You won't have a date night for a long time to come; your little one will suck off your energy. But at the end of an exhausting day, if you get to sleep in each other's hands, there you have a successful marriage. You will know of a bliss you never felt before.

Motherhood ain't magical all the time.

You might crave for your old carefree life. That's OK. We all do.

You might feel like running away. That's OK. We all do.

You might hate your child at times. That's OK. We all do.

You might feel helpless. That's OK. We all do.

You might be filled with guilt, remorse and you will hate yourself. That is OK too. We all do.

But then there will be days when your little one will shower you with kisses, when he will make you forget all your worries with his cuteness, when he will put his arms around you while he is asleep, and you will realise that your little one is worth every hardship that you have ever endured.

With lots of love,

A mom who has been there.

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