Make Your Housekeeper Water Positive !
|   Jun 11, 2017
Make Your Housekeeper Water Positive !

Sushila! Sushila! Can you please close the tap? I yelled, but didn't get any reply. I went towards the kitchen and then spoke very politely to my housekeeper "Sushila, just close the tap at least when you are applying soap on the dishes". She said ok, with a smile on her face. Again when she starts washing clothes I couldn't stop myself from yelling once again, "just close the tap while brushing the clothes at least". This time she sounded angry "ha ha yaad hai, yahan bachega toh hame ghar par paani milega"( Ok I remember, if I save water here in all my acts then I will save some more water left for my home.)

There are many ideas/tips on the internet to conserve water. My plan of water conservation revolves around Housekeepers.

Our Housekeeper wastes an excessive amount of water while doing dishes or cleaning or cooking, or gardening, or automobile wash etc. etc. If you poke them twice they get angry. Though at their own residence they starve for water still they don’t perceive the importance of saving water. They’re invariably like “Memsaab" why do you worry, you folks have gotten lots ofwater”. I thought what else do I say. We can’t simply treat housekeepers in any way we want, disregarding most of the important factors that affect a person’s effectiveness.

On the other hand, our housekeeper can’t browse minds. They might not essentially bear in mind the importance of saving water. So, it is better to train them personally about need and techniques for saving water. If you’re keen to conserve water, unfold the message regarding saving water from each time to every time.

Also praise them from time to time for their honest consideration of any work. They can be additionally motivated to work hard if they see that you are happy with their job by rewarding them. Rewards can come in different types including an extra day off, a small amount of cash or anything they like. You’ll see them become more productive and that’s the foremost necessary issue. If we're able to teach even one person the importance of saving water, we can at least start making the difference. 

We need to "Save Water By All The Means We Can".

Make Your Housekeeper Water Positive !

Make Every Drop Count !

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