To have or not to have a second child...
|   May 26, 2015
To have or not to have a second child...

My boy is all 7 years this year, no wonder am pounded with questions about having second child, a sibling for my bacchu. Many of my friends and colleagues too have only 1 kid and i feel happy we all think alike. But there's always comparison among the ones who have more than 1 kid and the ones who have only 1 kid. I have myself intrigued into many discussions, debate and arguments on this topic. You often get to hear that the child will not learn sharing and caring and over a period of time become adamant and arrogant, Really....i wonder. 

Why don't our society think beyond the stereotype , i can't take this as an sole reason for having a second child. Though i don't go and keep explaining my idea of having a single child. What's most irritating is when they say, " because you have a Son (first child) it doesn't matter to you.". Grrr.... i somehow try to maintain my calm and composure, is that even a reason.... Gosh , people please spare me. I am not GENDER BIASED.

Well, let me keep it simple and explain my understanding hoping many might agree with me even the dis agreement would be appreciated.

Even my kid was not spared by such question as in wouldn't he like to have a baby sister or a baby brother along with him to play and luckily he answered he would like to have a pet instead. Preferably a stray(will discuss about it in my next blog).

While I agree the concept of sharing and caring among siblings and all the goodness of having one. I must agree had my parents thought like i did, there wouldn't be my existence. I am happy and Lucky to have an elder sister and also to be the young and pampered sibling.

My point is very precise, if my child had a sibling, his immediate need of a friend and foe for caring and sharing is satisfied in the home itself whilst now he looks in to meet and mingle with his cousins , neighbors and friends. So the circle is big now and not mean any more.

I am very happy and delighted to see the cousins bonding and the wait and the eagerness to meet each other and do all that what otherwise they would have done with their own sibling. My kid is happy in his own space at home which defeats the purpose of having a second child which breaks the stereotype.


But again its individuals decision whether they like to have second child or not. No one can actually judge the decision. For each his own.


Happy Parenting!!


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