If You Skip Juice, You Skip Being Alive Throughout the Day
|   Jul 07, 2014
If You Skip Juice, You Skip Being Alive Throughout the Day

Sometimes I think paranoia is the other name for motherhood. While I give a pep talk to myself to be calm and composed, there are some moments that get me absolutely on the edge. One such is when I have to get my son into the school bus by half past seven every morning. With the house resembling a battle ground at daybreak, it is a miracle that I actually manage to get him ready to school every day.

The chaos is one thing, but what adds creases to my forehead is his diet. While he did nibble on some food during the breaks, he used to be exhausted on the way back home. Tropicana Apple juice in Tetra Pak carton came as a blessing in disguise – I started giving one pack every day and he usually sips this during his bus commute back home. Other than the fact that it keeps him physically and mentally brisk, it is also a fun, quick and convenient way to stealthily pack fruits into his diet routine.

A rare combination of taste and health, it keeps him hydrated and is also packed with nutrition. Importantly, he loves the different flavors although he has a soft corner for guava, cranberry and apple.

These juices help start the day fresh and stay alive and alert throughout! The best thing about Tropicana juice is that they are 100% fruit juices and so there are no added sugar or preservatives that can be harmful in the long run. They also have folates and minerals such as potassium.

Encouraged by the positive results on my kiddo, I have now enforced the rule that everyone in the family should never skip their daily glass of fruit juice. For me, it is the perfect filler between breakfast and lunch. After the delivery of my child, the everyday glass of juice has given me the much needed boost and has helped me regain my strength.

I also experiment with the various fruit beverages available and add the Tropicana cranberry delight for the rich color and sharp taste. I prefer the juices packed in Tetra Pak catons while I am on the move or at work. During vacation, these small packs turn out as great energizers especially when you are stranded, not finding the right place to eat out.

So, come on, why don’t you try it as well? A refreshing glass of juice in a day has given me endearing results. I am sure it would for you, too.

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