An ode to Fat, Harried Mothers
|   Aug 12, 2014
An ode to Fat, Harried Mothers

An ode to Fat , Harried Mothers

By a Fat, Harried Mother (28th July 2011)
Oh, Yes we are. Fat, Harried Mothers.
Our Hips have lost track of your waists
We have lost track of our husbands.
But, we are determined –
We believe, very strongly so – that with every unwanted morsel of food stashed
In our brattish precocious children, we believe we are creating the next Albert Einstein

We are so inspired by Shyamchi aai
And oh yes, mother of Shivaji – Jijai too
But, we will send our children to swim with all possible protective gear
And never venture in the rains
Because missing 3 precious days of Std I is a sure-shot recipe of world disaster

An ode to us – Fat, Harried Mothers.
We are possibly the world’s largest class of stressors
And with top it with a large helping of smothering love and OTT optimisim.
We love Desperate Housewives – because , we are that – not the lifestyle , just the name.

Our haphazardly parked 2-wheelers are our testimony to our commitment to our children’s futures.
Oh yes – most definitely. We – Fat, Harried Mothers
Fattened by guilt , by devouring every untouched piece of bread-butter-jam that baccha leaves untouched and then some more “because subah se kuch khaya hi nahin”.
Harried – by our sense of time, our absolutely skewed sense of self, by the daily juggle of time and effort and memories and then some more “because I wish I could do what I want to”

“Get your prepositions right”, We scream – oh we do.
We scream – as we quickly metamorphise into
The Angry Mother Goddess aka The Screaming Banshee.

Our red lips, redder bags, reddest Egos – ah, we love them.
We carry with us our entire lifetime of emotions.
Open us – We are can of worms, determined souls, interpreter of maladies.
We fancy ourselves. Oh and the way we carry ourselves.
Dupattas flying in the air, Hearts on sleeves
Oxytocin forever. Mega bags ; Mega hopes.
Oh we are – Fat, Harried Mothers

At Forty, we dress like At-Twenty.
Which makes us more Fat, more Harried, More Motherly.
“Auntie mat kaho na” .Mothers we are. A higher calling.
Don’t hate us – Oh no, don’t.  We wreck revenge.

We don’t just rock the cradle. Damn it, people.
We Rock The World. 


Harried : Agitated, Hassled, typical mother behavior in times of less time to do anything

OTT : Over The Top

Oxytocin: oxytocin, a hormone that literally helps bring out the mother in you. Also known as the love hormone, oxytocin is responsible for maternal behavior like nuzzling and grooming in animals from rats to monkeys. YES!

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