10 Must-Do Things at Home with your Kids this Summer!
|   Apr 05, 2016
10 Must-Do Things at Home with your Kids this Summer!

With summer holidays round the corner here are 10 super fun things to keep your little ones entertained.

#1 Grow a "Vegetable patch"

Sow the seeds, water them and pluck the vegetables. Read more on http://gardendrum.com/2013/04/14/top-10-vegetables-to-grow-in-pots

#2 Form a "Book Club"

Make a small group with besties, exchange books, write a one line review and learn to maintain a book log.


#3 Makeshift "Tent with Kiddie bedsheets"


Throw in a few graphic kiddie bedsheets, use your imagination to give interesting shapes. Endless hours of free playtime will follow.

#4 Hold a "Car or Cycle wash" afternoon


Get a gang of kids together, bring out all their trikes, cycles, scooters, cars. All you need now is some sponge and a bucket of water.


#5 "Chalk" time


Let them get messy, let them draw out their imagination. Don’t forget to clean up the area once the kids are done. All it takes is splashing a bucket or two of water on it.

#6 "Dress up" & role play


One can never go wrong with this, whatever be the age group. It always rocks.

#7 Mid morning "Disco"


Nursery Rhymes, Bollywood song, One Direction! Whatever you like. Leave the kids to shake their booties.


#8 Plenty of "Picnics" and dinner dates

 Eating outdoors is special for the kids, so is eating with friends. Keep it junk free but interesting as you may be doing multiples of these.

#9 Allow some "Internet and Online gaming" time

www.abcya.com, www.youngcurrent.com

#10 "Learn" Music, art, calligraphy, dance, swimming, gymnastics, film making, robotics etc


With academics not chasing you so much during the summer holidays, this is a good time to ‘Learn’ something new. 

And then there is of course playdate and playdate and more playdate! Lots and lots of relaxation and day-dreaming as if there was no alarm clock. Let #KhuljayeBachpan fly high and higher. Whatever you plan to do or not-do have plenty of fun and a super holiday!


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