How compulsory is it to have a baby? #Havingababychangeseverything
|   Oct 21, 2016
How compulsory is it to have a baby? #Havingababychangeseverything

Naina is a 30 something modern age working women. She loves high heels, ombre hair and luxury handbags. Work is not her life. She loves to travel, she is an adventure junkie for that matter. Bungee for her was reason to go to New Zealand. When she wanted to fly in the hot air balloon, they travelled to Turkey. Hiking in Leh, sky diving, shot over jet, tiger safari, she has done it all. She loves to splurge on the latest smartphones, she has to watch every movie first-day-latenight-show.

She is lucky to be married to a successful corporate laywer who dotes on her. They have been married for about  about 8 years. They are blessed to have stayed lovey dovey despite all those years. One lucky couple.

Considering she is almost midway through her thirties one would think she should seriously consider starting a family, I mean before it gets too late. That's normal Indian mindset. But she is not thinking about it. She has opted not to have kids. Not that she has any medical reasons.

Life is too good, she says. She has a successful career and both of them work crazy hours. The little free time she gets, she loves to chill with her favourite book. When she wants to get cuddly, she plays with her two amazingly loving pet dogs. She loves the idea of peaceful mornings where she can relax over a cup of coffee and newspaper. After all, a hectic day at work awaits her. Given her charismatic personality she has enough and more friends to give her company at any time of the day.

She has grown up as a single kid. She has always learnt to keep herself busy by herself or with friends. She doesn't see why having a  baby should be compulsory for every couple. In her view,  #havingababychangeseverything. Given her lifestyle preferences, she will have to entrust a maid to look after that baby for most part of the day. Apart from other feelings and changes, this will bring a massive load of guilt in her life. Will investing her time in raising a child now be reciprocated equally when that child grows up. Or will she live a life of regrets, especially considering she is so very happy in her current space.

At this point let me make it clear that I am not saying one is better choice than other. I have two adorable kids myself. But there is definitely a new trend rising in the Indian landscape.  A fiercely independent one where couples are opting for not having kids.

#Havingababychangeseverything, for better or for worse is a very personal interpretation.

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