Google's Advise v/s Grandma's advise - what's better?
|   Oct 22, 2016
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Google's Advise v/s Grandma's advise - what's better?

Recently I had the privilege to attend an interesting panel discussion on parenting and how parenting has evolved over time. Speaking at the event were successful founders of top Indian parenting websites, noted pediatrician and famous actress and former Miss World Lara Dutta.

Most mothers on the panel including the famous Lara Dutta agreed that parenting is an incredible journey and yet it is full of challenges. Mothers old, new, baby-on-the-way, even star-mothers are constantly seeking information. When it comes to our children we only want what's #BestForBaby. But how do I know what's #BestForBaby?

With evolving times, more and more families are becoming nuclear. Many mothers are working full time or part time which means that reliance on daycare or maid has become very common. When a MIL says "my son was never a fussy eater" we jolly well know thats because he never really had to go through separation anxiety. His mother was always there for him at home.

Our challenges today have become quite different from the challenges they faced in their times.

Take for example the case of mustard oil.

Mustard oil, in some cultures for that matter, was the ultimate remedy for most skin and immunity related issues in babies. But can we really bear the smell of baby who smells fresh out of mustard oil massage!!

Has the Grandma advise remained relevant or has it became obsolete to a large extent? If so then who do we turn to for genuine and relevant advise?

Have you noticed how everyone is always telling us what to do. Advise is one thing that's available in abundance. Someone says let kids be independent while others say let them be pampered as they are still kids. How do we know what's the correct advise ?

"The key is to strike a balance" insisted Dr Indu Khosla. That sounded like the right advise and it helps that it's coming from the renowned pediatrician who's  title read an impressive "Consultant pediatrician & Past president IAP, Mumbai".

The source of the advise plays a very important role. That's why when the Johnson and Johnson launched their YouTube channel so many mothers tuned in to listen to them speak. Mothers get judged all the time. Listening to like minded mothers facing similar challenges can be quite comforting.  It gives a sense of community.

Locality of content is another important aspect. Content from India is more relevant says Ruchita Dhar Shah, founder of First Moms Club (FMC). "Babies in India can't have an undisturbed sleep because of constant ringing of doorbell for every maid, milkman, driver, garbage collector and who-not ! When was the last time noise was an issue in a developed nation."

That's why when Johnson and Johnson launched their own YouTube channel, we got our own Indian flavor to parenting advise.  I think it's a step in the right direction.

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