The Quest for the best waffles in town !!
|   Sep 29, 2015
The Quest for the best waffles in town !!

If you have committed the mistake of taking your kids for that Spanish holiday and had them taste that Spanish waffle on the Las Ramblas. .you are doomed for the rest of your life!! Or say till the time you find that perfect waffle.

You can spend endless hours digging out that perfect recipe, buying that exact waffle maker, pilling on calories while tasting your own not-so-perfect but looks like waffle. Or you could be the lazy one like me and take the easy way out. Get into the car, plomp your kids on their car seats and head out to San Churros in Bandra.

Waffles, churros, macaroons - you name it and they have it all ! Be ready to be delighted by their eggless versions if you happen to be a non egg-iterian like me.  Dig into that freshly baked waffle, so crunchy from the outside and yet so soft and perfectly sweetened from the inside. Have your senses indulged at this awesomest chocolateria and take it all in with their Spanish hot chocolate !

If you happen to head out in the afternoon you may get lucky and skip all the traffic altogether. There is likely to be fewer people around that time which means your kids can be as noisy as they want to be. You can be back home now straight in 2 hours, depending on where you live !! For a food-lover mom like me, this makes for a perfect afternoon on a mid week holiday.

Happy tummies make happy faces and that makes happy mummies !! 

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