Weekend planning Simplified !!
|   Oct 06, 2015
Weekend planning Simplified !!

It’s a Wednesday mid morning, kids are at school, husband is at work and you have started looking out for fun things to plan for the weekend. You scan the Bombay times for interesting movies, look at the upcoming plays and comedy shows. Nothing interesting. You get ambitious and mentally run through the weekend getaway destination. Either too-hot or too-humid or been-there-done-that. Shopping..Yeah but not again. You tone down, you would like to do something less materialistic, maybe a Book launch or a Spanish fest, a Farmer’s market.

Now this is a problem we all associate with.  So there I was in this state last mid week when I decided to download the #FAMILY ORGANIZERAPP.  Seen too many ads for this app off late. Let’s give it a shot today!

The download was very smooth, a couple of minutes. Ofcourse some credit to my S6. I instantly browsed through the weekend events and my much needed long weekend planning was drafted out.


The plan looked like this - a robotics LEGO workshop for my kid followed by an art exhibit in the evening for just the two of us (hubby and me).  An option to visit the Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning OR attend Halloween workshop with an Indian twist OR attend a kids Book reading-launch session with family in the evening.  This was complete with reminder alarms and calendar updates all on my phone.   

What I liked the most:

Option to Share : If you are co-planning the outing with a friend you can share the event details instantly via whatsapp or Hangouts.

Add to Calendar : Yes, you have a Calender, exclusive and uncluttered, for your lifestyle planning.

Auto Alarm : Incase you have missed on finalizing the plans, which so often happens to us, ever multitasking mums, their auto alarm tells you that you were planning to attend the event.

One snap view of the event : Complete with all the information, pictures, child’s age group, duration, even reviews, map and directions.

Most importantly : You and your husband can now have a common TODO list and Calendar. #parentingfromsamepage quite literally !

You have to really try it to see how simple this makes your life. I didn’t ever realize something like this is what I always wanted till the time I tried this. Its that much needed personal assistant, your lifestyle planner that you need be it a SAHM or working mom.

One word PERFECT.

If you found this useful and decided to download the app, don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up or a line in the comment box below. Coming to you with my next recommendation very soon.

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