Why do I struggle to stay fit despite eating healthy food ?
|   Jul 08, 2016
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Why do I struggle to stay fit despite eating healthy food ?

While I have been a fairly “healthy” eater, my immunity has always been low all along. When I say immunity, I mean frequent bouts of cough, cold, fever, headache, ache, acidity etc. However over last 10 months or so I have noticed a substantial improvement in my overall health.

I am no expert on nutrition, however I have penned down what had worked for me and my family. With a view of helping others who do take healthy diet but somehow struggle with staying fit.

Right from my childhood days, I remember drinking badam milk, loading my plate with spinach and other greens, gobbling down lots of seasonal fruits. Eating healthy became a habit and way of life when I moved on a be an independent adult, a wife and later a mother. I stayed low on junk food though I started my day with chai and Marie biscuits. A sumptuous breakfast of fresh vegetable parathas followed by bowl of fruits. My kids started their day with a glass of milk followed by a small vegetable paratha and a fruit in their snack box. In my opinion we were having a heavy and healthy breakfast. We had avoided deep fried food, used only fresh ingredients and started buying the healthier of the oils, flour etc. I was not able to nail down the reason for my constant fatigue.

I recently realized the importance of eating “right”. Breakfast being the first meal of the day plays the most important role. As I understand it, the entire digestive machinery in our body is fresh and ready after the 8 hours of sleep. The digestive tracts are clear. Hence maximum nutrients get absorbed at this time of the day.


6.30am I start my day with a teaspoon of Amla powder and 50 ml of Aloe Vera juice mixed with lukewarm water. Amla is a great source of Vitamin C which protects us from cough and cold. Both Aloe Vera and Amla are considered super foods for eyesight, acne free skin, hair and overall boost in your immunity levels.

When I was starting my day with a glass of milk, I was blocking the digestive tracts as milk takes quite long to digest. Likewise coffee or tea and marie biscuits come laden with sugar and refined flour which was giving me an instant boost of energy but was supplying my body almost no nutrients.

7.00am I follow this with a glasses of fresh fruit juice. The digestive tracts are clear to absorb the micronutrients, so I get a healthy boost of energy which stays through the day. You can try various interesting and tasty combinations for juices -

Musambi - Pineapple

Watermelon – Pudina

Orange – Tomato

Musambi – Anaar

Apple – Carrot

Green juice

I know it’s an extra effort early in the morning to make the fresh juice. But if you look at the impact it may have on you and your family’s immunity levels, you may be motivated enough to “juice it out”. It soon becomes a habit and falls into your routine. I stay away from canned juices at it comes laden with added sugar.

Some may also argue the benefits of cut fruits vs juices as the juice looses its fibre. However the absorption of micronutrients is much faster in juice than through cut fruits. I get my dose of fibre through Quaker Oats meal and it has worked very well for me and my family.

8.00am After I have given the juice an hour to digest, I have a bowl of papaya with 1 dried anjeer or dates. In the mango season, this is the time that I relish the mangoes instead of the papaya.


9.00am Now is the time for the real filling breakfast. I have Quaker Oats now-a-days as it provides high level of fibre, proteins and low levels of fat. I feel fuller for longer periods of time so I tend to binge less on mid-morning snacks, tea or coffee. Though we mostly have overnight soaked Quaker Oats with yogurt and jaggery, we indulge in Oats Pancakes or Cranberry Apple and Pecan Oat Salad over weekends.


Its a know fact that oatmeal is considered very good for reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes, stabilizing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol levels. With lifestyle diseases hitting us as early as in our 30s, I consciously moved to Quaker Oats. As they say, better safe than sorry!

My kids and husband have the juice + fruit + Quaker Oats routine for breakfast. They skip the Amla-Aloe Vera concoction for their own reasons. If you find the juice making process tedious, I would still suggest you have the Amla-Aloe Vera concoction + fruit + Quaker Oats routine. I want to re-iterate that it’s very important to maintain the order of intake. I had been eating healthy all my life, but when I started taking them in the correct order I gave my digestive system an opportunity to draw the maximum benefit out of it.

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