7 Things All New Moms Want To Tell Their Parents!
|   Nov 06, 2016
7 Things All New Moms Want To Tell Their Parents!

The moment we have the kid in our kitty, our entire world takes a 360 degree turn! From struggling with baby woes to toddler tantrums, we grow each day as a mother and cannot help but think of our own parents with total awe... Let's tell them:

1. Please forgive me!

I take back one statement for sure - "It's my life, I WILL DO WHAT I WANT TO DO!"... If only I knew what being a parent takes. I'm sorry for having thrown so many tantrums throughout my younger years!

2. Were you as crazy as me about parenting? *Coz it never seemed so!

I never saw you reading Parenting books on how to handle me... It just came naturally to you. Either it is a generation gap, or my immaturity but I seem to definitely find this much harder.

3. Mom, how did you manage being a working mom?

Every day seems like a marathon to me with handling office, home and the kid. My temperament is never as controlled as yours was. There comes a time very often when my kid and husband prefer to just stay away from me!

4. I miss being a kid and being pampered...

I don’t remember when was the last time I just lied down carefree on the bed with nothing to do. I surely miss the times when everything used to be done in automatic mode – because of you! Maybe because now that automatic machine is me for my kids :-)

5. It's a wonder how you always looked calm and on top of everything...

I wish I could be as calm, as understanding and as extraordinary with my kid… Lot of improvement needed for me!

6. Hope you secretly don't enjoy the tough time my kid is giving me...

Haha… Sometimes when my kid really bothers me with those nonstop crying or chattering episodes, I really think that is this happening to me because I did the same to you!

7. Thanks for being there... Always then and always today...

Love you Mom Dad :-) Nothing can replace the love you have bestowed on us <3

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