Can I eat that cookie? Guilt free?
|   Aug 20, 2015
Can I eat that cookie? Guilt free?

At 8.37 pm, your 4-year-old is innocently asleep on the bed (finally). So cosy. So comfortable. You reach out to your favorite cookie box, take one cookie out...

Should I or shouldn't I? Ofcourse I should!

...because this moment was preceded by you reaching home at 7.16 pm, fixing a quick dinner for your kid, ensuring he finishes HW at any pace, getting the brat to brush, changing him into night suit, watching TV with him before he finally fell asleep. And now you have to get up to arrange the family dinner before it's too late.

This allows you a little treat, c'mon.

Being in the league of ordinary moms, we many times see ourselves comparing us to moms who look so hot, moms who are always on top of their child's curriculum, moms whose kids shine out in every contest... At the same time, behind these ordinary moms are women full of life as well as struggles to achieve even better.

I have lost 5 kg in last 3 months in order to just be healthy, and ofcourse look better! If you are nearing 30s or mid-30s, the focus on health should be made as important as anything else. It was not until I started facing real-time health issues when I realized that losing weight is the solution to all my problems. Being in the healthcare industry for over 8 years now, it surprised me how I never understood this before.

So, although that one cookie might be your occassional treat but the overall lifestyle change is very significant for us. Two things that will help you: Diet control (the two most difficult words I have ever known!) and some exercise which many are hardly able to achieve due to the time constraints. I will not use this space to give weight loss tips because we all just know them :-) All we need to do is get started!

I am on my struggle to losing weight (10kg more to go), and let me be brutally honest in admitting that IT'S NOT EASY! It takes too much hard work, too much self control and too much will... Please, if I lose this time I will never gain it again :-)

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