The PC technology for our tech kids!
|   Dec 18, 2015
The PC technology for our tech kids!

Generation gap between a parent and a kid is inevitable; no matter how advanced we might see ourselves as parents. There are always newer better and enhanced group of items technology brings with it, and we shall get accustomed to them all.

It was our pleasure as #mycity4kids bloggers to be a part of the Dell India Panel Discussion on how the conventional PC is the right way for our kids which was moderated by superb host Ms Ritu Gupta. As a part of the initiative by Dell India on #DellPCLiteracyDays, the discussion gave us insightful takeaway points. We realized that instead of throwing Tabs, iPads and our smartphones at our kid’s disposal, the need of the hour is to go back to our roots of using the PC.

The fantastic survey shared by Mr Sanchit Vir Gogia from Greyhound Research awakened us to the fact that internet and all associated tools are perceived so differently depending on the backgrounds of the people using them. It definitely gave me that liberal view of using the PC to its ability rather than pure entertainment.

As the ‘new age’ parents, it was quite interesting to hear the ideas shared by Ms Ritu Taneja. My kid being in Lotus Valley International School at Noida, I am already quite happy about the way technology is used to reach out to kids and parents as well. Every afternoon I can see what was done in school, and when I’m back from work I’m able to converse on same lines to him. Ms Taneja threw more light on the importance of parental support in helping schools to make full use of these ideas.

I’m personally glad that many agencies and companies are already working on creating better tools, more user-friendly Apps that parents can use for their kids. And eventually kids can use for themselves. Harpreet Kaur Sapra and Gayatri Singh contributed so much information on how we can create a secure environment for our kids on the World Wide Web in order for them to explore the arena with ease. It’s really important to have those firewalls and controls intact, because definitely none of us would want them to be exposed to things more than we want them to.

One of the moms present rightfully put across the point that we have lived our life without Google, but now a simple essay to a full-fledged project needs more than just few magazines. Our PC plays an important role not just in finishing projects! But also, in enhancing the knowledge and taking the experience of creativity to a different level. Let’s make our kids ready for the future in the right fashion!

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