Top 5 Habits I Swear By For My Kid
|   Dec 06, 2015
Top 5 Habits I Swear By For My Kid
While searching on our dear Google for developing good habits for my son, I decided to pen down my own thoughts. Afterall, many of us are special parents who happen to specialize in parenting with special online helps! I certainly wanted to add my bit of help.

Maintaining Daily Hygiene
Whether it is a regime of washing hands everytime we come from outside, or to brush the teeth twice everyday (no matter how tired we are) - we should ensure that daily hygiene is instilled into our kids till it becomes a way of life for them. Sometimes I go overboard by washing his toys more often than required. We can set our limits, but it is the need of the hour.
Healthy Food
A good mix of all vital nutrients throughout the day in the meals are so crucial. Inspite of doing everything, I still need to give Vit-D3 syrup to him as that's something every kid here needs. Thus, a good meal plan is a very important focus area. Tell them about junk food, healthy food and help them take the right decisions. Not to miss, you will have to manage your own self before preaching!
Drinking Sufficient Water
Water is the ultimate body purifier. Ensure that your child drinks age appropriate water content every day. It is very crucial that the water quality is also checked at your home regularly. With PureIt purifier at our place, we regularly get it checked by the company to ensure that water quality is maintained.
Sensible Play/Study Plan
We must strive towards having that perfect mix of indoor/outdoor, individual/group, mental/physical, educational/entertaining activities to keep our little ones energy on the right track. Every child is different so you must choose the ones yours loves.
Sleeping On Time
As I understood, 10-12 hours sleep for our school-going kids is extremely important. We must keep a track of this as parents, and ensure it's done. Our kids tend to avoid this very aspect of life - afterall who wants to miss all fun and sleep? Good luck, but do it as a regime!

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