It’s religion, not rocket science!
|   Dec 28, 2016
It’s religion, not rocket science!

I am going to touch upon a very sensitive topic, but the idea behind it is not to hurt anyone.  Now that we reach the end of the year post celebrating an array of festivals of different religions, I thought of dedicating my article to Religion itself.

This one subject has various meaning and connotations to everybody, but largely it’s all about convenience of beliefs.  This year when I was celebrating Christmas with my 2 year old son, I had a flashback of my first meeting with my mother-in-law.

Those of you who have been following my posts may know that I am a Hindu, married to a Catholic. Almost 7 years back during this time of the year, I was pre-interviewed by my mother in law. She had her set of logical and language based question. Trust me, this was scarier than a job interview. One of her questions that I clearly remember was “How will you raise your child?” She meant “Will He/She be a Christian too” In order to impress her, I said that I will give my child best of both Hindu and Catholic religion.

And to the best of my understanding, I am trying to give my child the best of all religions. But what is religion? My personal view is religion is “Being Human” (not the Salman Khan brand) Literally!!! It is about being true to your own self, the way Mother Nature created us, not how society has alienated us. We need to learn to be honest to ourselves and then think about which religious group to follow.

As a mother I try and keep religion simple at home. Even though my toddler is baptised, he says his Gaytri Mantra in morning and reads Bible stories in the night. But the story doesn’t end with Hindu or Christian. To your surprise, he gets up with Azan from a near-by mosque and sleeps when I chant “Alah Alah”. With a Sikh brother of mine, we teach him the principle of simplicity and charity, doing good for larger cause. To top this up, we don’t go to church or temple regularly, because your god is in your actions and thoughts. If you are gratified at heart, you will not look for god in religious places.

To borrow from someone I heard- “I don’t have a problem with religion, but I believe is organized religion is worse than organized crime.” The point is that it is easy for us get swayed by political parties, social media and form an opinion, but that’s our opinion, not your child’s. Let them know that people in general are good, it is power and money that complicates the situation.

I know some of you may think, this is incorrect or nonsense, but isn’t this the beauty of blogging that you can pour your heart out!!

Before I wrap up, let me wish you all a very Happy Healthy New Year!

Until Next time, XO                  

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