Where is Love Gone and left marriage behind!..
|   Jun 03, 2016
Where is Love Gone and left marriage behind!..

His hello was the end of her endings

Her laugh was their first step down the aisle

His hand would be hers to hold forever

His forever was as simple as her smile

He said she was what was missing

She said instantly she knew

She was a question to be answered

And his answer was “I do”

Reading this left Rhea in tears.

She remembered how she could relate to each and every word still. How much they both were in love when she said yes, it was colorful everywhere

Like every couple in love they were on 9th cloud, painting the town red. They got married agreeing that they will never become one of Those couples who change once they take saat pheras.

"She is Crying, feed her" came a voice, suddenly she came back to reality. the clocked ticked 4:00 AM and she realized she is too late to sleep now."what the hell are you doing in Balcony, now you won't sleep thinking some bullshit in your head and then will be frustrated entire day, why just you don't sleep" Hridaan uttered in his sleep. Rhea picked up shanaya, fed her , made sure she is sleeping peacefully and left room again, Hridaan again never came to know.

With a cup of tea in her hand she went into past, how they became from "The" couple to this constantly fighting, cribbing, ignoring, bitching, hating Couple. earlier people came to them asking for tips now they run away. They cannot agree on anyone thing.

Rhea is still where she was, once she got pregnant she promised herself that she will never become a mom who ignores her husband after all she loved Hridaan with all her heart. She never changed herself. She still wanted to sleep with him not only with shanaya but him too. She still wanted her date nights when shanaya slept, still wanted a movie leaving her in day care, lunch dates and everything to make sure they still remain married couple with love. But Hridaan, God knows when did he stopped becoming husband and became some person she was living with only. He was an awesome father, someone who all her friends envied, he would change diapers, give shanaya a bath, feed her, do all chores a mom could do. He became a father but slowly he was no more a husband. He would no no longer hold hands, no longer look in her eyes, she just could not feel special anymore.

What happened to them? Was it kid , time, work, family or anything else. What was it? She thought to solve the matter once in for all ; at least talk and clear her confusions. Next Day she prepared an extraordinary meal. once Shanaya slept she arranged a candle light romantic dinner, Hridaan came and saw everything, stood for a second, went inside and slept. Rhea was now heartbroken and angry, she woke him up and simply busted everything in front him, he every emotion was now surfacing, few of them she did not even knew she had. she was shouting on top of her voice. There was chaos in home now. Then came silence. Complete pin drop silence. Rhea had tears and Hridaan said, its all in your head, its bullshit that you are thinking. Its irrelevant. He simply said you don't get it i still love you but can no longer behave like children anymore. She kept quiet. He said everything he can. He said everything he disliked about her and when Rhea told what she did not liked about him, he simply went into denial. He just could not accept she was suggesting this. As per him she always had same issues and she knew this conversation will only degrade her self esteem so went out and left him to sleep.

All she could think now was, her issues mattered no more to him and there was simply no solutions to them, she decided to bury them inside her head at a far corner and never even to think about them. She loved both of them so much she cannot simply walk away. but again, how much could she take of it, she thought.

PS: Rhea could be anyone who is struggling to get their thoughts to be heard. They want to be loved an appreciated, yes sometimes in their way!!

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