Thanks to #mycity4kids for bringing out the blogger in me
|   Jun 11, 2016
Thanks to #mycity4kids for bringing out the blogger in me

Throughout my pregnancy I researched about the developments of my baby, the changes in my body, labour pains and other important things that might need medical attention. It never occured to me that I will also have to keep myself informed about breastfeeding basics, postpartum hormonal changes, challenges of a new mom and how to deal with it. Instead I had a rosy picture in my mind post delivery. But life had its own lessons to teach me.

Post delivery I had problems recovering soon as it was a c section. Added to that my baby had little problem in latching and would never stop crying. It was a traumatic situation for me. After coming home I googled about the challenges that I faced as a first time mom. All the links lead to one particular site "mycity4kids". The name was very catchy and attracted me with useful information. This was the platform where I found many other new moms sailing in the same boat as mine. It gave me a sense of relief and another remarkable thing about #mycity4kids is that it provides a good platform for budding bloggers like me. 

Being a physics lecturer and scientific writer throughout my career I tried to find logic in everything. This behaviour did not allow me to pen down my feelings even though I always dreamt of writing. But being an avid reader, I got hooked on to the blog posts on #mycity4kids. This motivated me to write my first blog post on 11th may 2016. This gave me the much needed confidence to debu as a blogger. I wish this to be an everlasting journey. 

Thanks to #mycity4kids. Good luck in all your endeavours. And many congratulations to the milestones you have achieved. 

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