The unexpected yet expected bundle of joy :)
|   May 11, 2016
The unexpected yet expected bundle of joy :)

Happily married to the love of my life, my joy knew no bounds. Loving parents, my partner in crime; my sister, caring husband, affectionate in laws  and a well to do career was all in my life. Life seemed to be a beautiful journey. Five months passed by and everything seemed perfect. 

Suddenly one day I realized that I had not got my monthly casual leave. I was late by a week and informed my mother about my skipped period. She asked me to wait patiently since it was just a week. Another week passed by and I could no longer wait. It was July 19, 9 am in the morning when my husband unexpectedly asked about my missed period. Little did I know that protection can sometimes be foolproof too. Being tensed with plenty of thoughts running in my mind I took a pregnancy test hoping to see a single line. To my surprise it turned out to be two dark lines. With lot of dilemma I called up my husband and gave the news in the midst of his professional commitment. Not able to bear the anxiety I disclosed it to my mom. However trusting the tiny device seemed to be a bad option and we therefore decided to consult a gynaec. On August 3 2015 we saw our baby for the first time. This was my first ultrasound scan. After exploring a little, the doc showed a tiny pouch with yolk thumping. This was our little munchkin's heartbeat. What a pleasure it was to witness!!  Hats off to the wonderful creation of God. Then on my beautiful journey as a mother to be, started. 

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