Starting Young @ day 40
|   Oct 24, 2016
Starting Young @ day 40

A cousin had her first exhibition of a newly founded company - Babble Wrap.


Meher was 40 days old. Feeding was still a nightmare. There would be no feeding rooms in the exhibition space. My husband or sister wouldn't drive us all the way to Bandra as it was a week day. I hadn't explored the option of driving with a 40-day-old yet.

I had with me:

1. A feeding apron

2. An over-enthusiastic Chachi (aunt)

3. The Uber app on my mobile.

4. A Facebook group - 

Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers - for support.

I went.

Meher took the cab journey to the exhibition quite well. I don't think my cousin expected to see us. She was happy. I don't think Gul Panag expected to see a 40 day old either! Talk about starting young!

Apart from my cousin's stall, I really didn't see anything much. It was my first outing (except for those to the hospital and the Lactation Consultant a couple of times) in 40 days. I was worried about the tiny soul in the over-crowded, sweaty space. I haven't gone to many such exhibitions myself and I'm sure others would have thought so. I was dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans teamed with a button down (feeding friendly) shirt, oiled hair tied back in a tight plait so that the stray hair strands don't disturb the little one :) - quite unlike the rest! The place had a hundred women dressed to their best. Each one, I thought, could have walked the ramp in their attire and make-up! 

I am glad I went. 

On the way back, Meher fed in a moving cab for the first time. The cuts on my nipples got deeper, the sores got worse. She choked a couple of times and I almost thought milk would ooze out of her nose. It was troublesome no doubt, but at the end it I had gained some experience and confidence.

I learnt that:

1. The first few outings should be conservative. Choose to go to nearby, known places which are air-conditioned and not too crowded.

2. The baby needs to feed in an angled (at least 45 degrees) or elevated position in a moving car to avoid choking.

3. The feeding apron works well as a cover and helps you see the baby. It also keeps the baby well ventilated. You can keep your head tucked in too! Some practice can make you a pro!

4. Don't panic when the baby cries or chokes while feeding. You will only make yourself more nervous and butter fingered.                                                                                   Keep calm and latch on!

5. It may be a good idea to keep an inflatable pillow in your diaper bag for new born or tiny babies since a feeding pillow may be too bulky to carry around. It not only helps in feeding but also makes the ride less bumpy for the little one.

6. Bandra to Chembur can take an hour and a half even on a weekday afternoon.

7. If you are lucky, you will get a good Uber driver!

Bring on the next outing!!

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