My daughter’s first day in school – A lesson for me!!!
|   Jun 07, 2017
My daughter’s first day in school – A lesson for me!!!

Today was my daughters first day at school. Here comes the van to pick her up. I was excited yet frightened about my daughter’s first journey with complete strangers. I was worried how she was going to take it. I was expecting a huge drama on the road. To my surprise, she just waved a goodbye and found herself a seat. How did she do it? I mean she is only three years old, yet behaved as a grown up. Wondering I returned home and jumped into the car with a few stuffs that I was supposed to submit on behalf of my daughter. On the way, I kept wondering, how she was going to manage all by herself. I was so much deep in my thoughts that my husband had to remind me that we had already reached. I was nervous to be in her school, where she was going to spend almost 9 hours a day without me.

We had to wait for the students at the reception as we were earlier than the van. Again I was expecting a drama. But there she comes holding her bag and walking alone straight to her class. I was amazed.  When she saw me, she came straight to me and asked me “Amma, when did u come and where is grandma?” I was ashamed of underestimating my 3 year old. She was fine or at least she exhibited herself so.

She sat in a chair with her bag and when I was about to leave she was about to drop a tear and asked me if she can come with me. I almost broke. But before I could reply there was a grade 2 student who came by and invited her to play. In a fraction of second I saw her holding hands and rushing to the play area. I again wondered how easily she moved forward.

On my way back home I was again buried in thoughts. This time it was a bit different. I am going through severe traumas and setbacks in life off lately. I am facing problems in my life – financial, social and personal. Because of which I am struck and often depressed. I felt there was no one to help me out of my problems. I was even afraid to come out of my problems and face the world. I was literally waiting for someone to rescue me. But today my daughter taught me a lot of things. On witnessing how she faced her fear in new school confidently I learned that I am being taught a lesson through my daughter. Is life that simple? When a three year old can take up a challenge so easily why a thirty year old can’t? All I have to do is that accept the challenge. Face it. I can be afraid. There is no harm. But I have to face it and move on.

Thank you dear. I am grateful to have my daughter who started teaching me lessons for life. Now I am prepared to learn from you.

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