Friends for Life!! 
|   Aug 06, 2017
Friends for Life!! 

As I was contemplating topics in my mind for the next blog , a friend of mine reminded me about the coming Sunday being Friendship's Day!! And my face lit up, my eyes sparkled and mind travelled back to the good old school days when we all eagerly waited for the first Sunday of August.. Unlike today's youngsters who hang out in malls or coffee shops almost every day, back then friendship day was when we friends used to spend the entire day together, starting with a movie, then lunch at our favorite joint and finally a long drive to the Upper Lake and chilling out with corn and tea as we enjoyed  the weather ( Light showers in the  evening  would be nature's perfect way to end a beautiful day 😃).

As we grow older the meaning of Friendship  becomes  deeper and  the bonds we form  along become so strong  that we cannot imagine a life without our dearest friends.. They are  our biggest assets. It reminds me of  the 90s movie Richie Rich in which the rich young boy feels lonely even though he is surrounded by luxuries because he misses having friends and how the movie concludes with him overcoming hurdles with the help of his new friends. His  dad finally exclaims  that his son is now indeed  the richest man on Earth because he has  friends..

Every stage in life gives us a new set of friends. When we are young our parents are our best friends. As we enter the teens we become a little aloof from our parents , I feel that's mainly because of their growing list of Dos and Dont's. Our schoolmates become our new friends and some of them are for life.. We share each and every tiny detail of what's happening in our lives. ( I havent met my best friend from school since a longtime,but we take time out to speak once in while  and share all the happenings in our life

As we enter college the list of friends grows further. I feel this is the stage where we find our Soulmate Friend. Someone who thinks exactly the way you do, who wants the same things in life as you and who understands your mood of the day by your facial expressions.. You start feeling an emotional connection and you are glad to have found that one person who's going to be besides you through thick and thin.. (I found my Soulmate Friend in college and I'm so glad to have her in my life, today she's the sister that I never had )

As life moves on "a special friend" also gets added to the list. Initial infactuation gradually turns into real feelings for each other. He or She may later end up becoming our life partner or in some cases heartbreaks. But our Life Partner can also be our best friend. I feel to have a successful marriage you should be friends with your spouse first. The feeling that your spouse will be there to hold your hand and help you walk ahead in life when you want to stop, gives much more emotional security than all the wordly pleasures. ( I thank my husband for supporting and  motivating me always to  do what I felt was best for both of us. I can't thank you enough dear partner.) 

We also make friends at our workplace, in the society or neighborhood where we live. As we start connecting with  each other these formal relations turn into informal outings and brunch parties  and we are happy to have found a family away from home. 

And lastly  how can I  forgot our cousins who are probably the first of our friends. We look forward to meeting them during holidays and do every prank and mischief that we cannot do the entire year. We share with them everything right from our first crush to why our parents have become so bossy all of a sudden.. Among the entire lot we all will have that one cousin who's extra special and is our Lifetime Friend.. ( My cousin in Kerala calls me his first girlfriend because I'm more like a friend to him than sister and his actual girlfriend also doesn't mind mine presence.😋😃) 

No matter how busy we are in our routine we all speak to at least one friend daily or almost all of them on the chatting apps. Our day feels incomplete if we don't stay in touch with our friends.. 

So Today on this very special Sunday I wish all my friends a Very Happy Friendship Day.. I thank u all for being in my life.. No matter which part of the world we are , we will remain friends forever..  And My dear Readers, I hope you enjoy with your friends too.. Leave the text message aside, pick up the phone ,call them or if your lucky to be in the same city , meet over coffee and spend sum time together..😃

Have a memorable Friendship Day!!

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