Hey Mirror I Miss Myself..
|   Jun 01, 2017
Hey Mirror I Miss Myself..

Rest as much as u can, once the baby comes u won’t get enough sleep or even time for you. The first advice a pregnant lady usually gets. But I always wonder how a few months of sleep can compensate for future sleep deprivation. We try to ignore but deep inside we know it’s true.

And as the moments of truth begin to unfold, the feeling of not getting enough time for you kicks in and starts taking a toll on the mothers health. Getting irritated, sleep disorder, too much of anger or emotions, feeling depressed are just among the few ways in which the body indicates that it’s time to slow down a bit. For working mothers life is nothing short of a marathon race. All moms secretly wish if only time would stop for a while and she could relax for a minute.

 Dear Mommies it’s really important to maintain a balance between your health and work. I’m no expert but from my experience and whatever I have observed around I have taken a note of few areas where u can make some adjustments and reduce the stress.

We cannot be supermoms so try to allocate as much help possible for the daily chores and if anyone is offering to help, be it family or friends, acknowledge it. You need a relaxed body and a peaceful mind of take care of your little one.
Cooking used to be fun but with a baby in tow it becomes a big agenda. We cook for the entire family yet don’t get time to have a proper meal. That’s not fair. Babies take time to finish their meal so grab a fruit or a glass of milk or some nuts or a piece of your favourite chocolate while feeding.( Additional advantage- They also understand its meal time and slowly the tantrums will go away.) And when the kid is done, mommy can enjoy her plate.
Gone are the days of oiling, hair spa and hour long baths. Finding out even 2 minutes is a big task and we feel irritated. So my advice is- get up a little early when the baby’s asleep, try to finish as much work possible and dash to the bathroom. Trust me those extra 5 minutes under the shower feel like heaven.
Dull hair, super thick eyebrows, hairy arms, it’s enough to feel all the more depressed when you are used to looking perfect. So pick up the phone n book an appointment to the nearest salon or the home beauty services (i feel they started keeping mommies in mind only). N now day’s salons are more than willing to take care of your kid while u enjoy the manicure n spa sessions. When we look good we automatically start feeling good and get an extra energy.
  • We keep complaining about missing our ME time. We can never get it back but we can find our own ways to fit it in. Wake up little early ( skip the gym or morning walk, if you are regular, once a week u can cheat) head to the supermarket or nearest mall do some window shopping and on the way back do actual shopping as required. (Mornings are less crowded n so peaceful.) Daddies can take care of the baby for some time.
  • Watch your favourite movie or television series (Home theatre environment can always be created with some dim lights and a cup of coffee or ice cream or popcorn and pin drop silence.) U may sleep less but having enjoyed some personal time we feel fresh the next day.  
  • Go on a digital detox. We tend to spend a lot of time chatting and browsing when the baby’s asleep and then feel tired and dizzy. Ditch the mobile for some time, take a power nap and when it feels like reconnecting, Pick up the phone and call a friend or family. Talking a while is so much more fun than texting.
These tips may feel a little over the top to most of you but with a  few changes in my routine, I personally handle things with much ease and less stress. We have been through a lot physically to become a mother, so a little more efforts for ourselves should be a piece of cake.

So the next time U stand in front of the mirror, shun away the  tired face , give a nice big smile and let the mirror say - Hey U look great and u know something- U have never looked better!!

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