It's your birthday..
|   May 02, 2016
It's your birthday..

Yesterday i called my friend to wish her on her birthday..after few conversations i just asked her - 'So how are you celebrating today?'

Her reply provoked me to write this blog..

That instant answer was - 'Am i a kid?'...This was followed by yet another statement which literally shocked me - 'What is so great about this day? I am not a celebrity to throw a bash...'

I continued with some other talks as don't wanted to spoil her mood with my reactions, but wanted to let her know that -

My dear friend i know you are old enough now, but who has made this rule that birthdays can only be celebrated till you are a kid. I know you are grown up enough to handle every big and small responsibilities of life by yourself, but the kid inside you is still alive and wants to celebrate it. Cutting a cake or getting gifts on your birthday is not a kiddish thing to do, it is just a way to celebrate the pride of being special. No matter how old we grow, we as a human being always wants to be pampered on few special occasions and that is very natural thing. Now it's on you whether you want to announce it loudly or keep it to yourself, but, whatever it be, just don't ignore it. Don't make it a just another day.

Just think once about the days when your parents make this day a very special one for you. I am sure being a child birthday used to be the most awaited day in the whole year for everyone..just feel that curiosity of distributing the sweets and calling friends at your will surely bring a smile on your face. Why it can't be same now? Definitely our parents or near ones can not make it that special now but if nobody else is there to celebrate for you , make it special for yourself. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself with whatever you like. But, don't make it a just another day.

On her second statement, I just wanted to let her know that it's okay if you are not a millionaire or have not yet made a firm position in so called high society. You are a celebrity in your own way. Except you, nobody knows your journey. You can re-cherish all those good and bad memories that has made the real you till this date. So feel proud about it and let others too cherish it with you.

I know many friends who don't celebrate their birthdays now as they don't  feel like doing so. It's a humble request to all of them that don't cut a cake or throw a bash if you don't like it but at least treat yourself as a very special person and cherish your feelings for this special day. Do whatever makes you happy and give a damn to the world at least for a day.

     ' Make it a happy wala day...It's your birthday'

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