MOMIE: When 'ME' takes a backseat!
|   Sep 18, 2016
MOMIE: When 'ME' takes a backseat!

So, 'one fine night' 'the husband-in-him' woke up. I was moving to and fro as usual, singing the lullaby at the top of my voice, and patting my baby in a harmony to make her sleep. The workout paid, my little wonder dozed off. As I was about to take that big sigh of relief, I noticed a pair of eyes staring me like never before! The conversation that struck between us, (we hardly had in the last two years!) unveiled a lot about 'me'. 

Husband-in-him: Are you fine?

Wife-in-me: What's wrong? (I did a quick survey of myself from head to toe!)

Husband-in-him: You look so dull, exhausted all the time...

Wife-in-me: (Wanted to answer (scream!) - what do you expect from a woman who hasn't slept for past two years, works 24x7 for the baby, can't think beyond baby pee n poop, is always a guilty mom and is topping the charts of agony aunt's hit list!) But..I managed a dignified smile.

Husband-in-him: When was the last time you went near your dressing table? Tangled hair, this..'Pammy Aunty' inspired dressing and these dark circles!

Wife-in-me: (Confused! Although, I liked his effort of being sarcastic!)

Husband-in-me: (as he traveled from the other side of the line...I mean...bed) Baby, of all, you are my wife first...what have you done to yourself...? I miss you and 'Our' time...

Wife-in-me: 'Baby'..'Me'? ( reminds me of 'my baby's' milk time, burp and again put her back to sleep!) By the way, is the IPL over? Facebook, Instagram,Twitter and not to forget Whatsapp...all crashed? What happened to his second wife...I mean...the 'Game of Thrones'? How on earth is he paying this much attention to my over sized clothes and tangled hair?

While I was busy cooking all this in my mind, my husband tried to come a bit really! Suddenly, my little alarm clock started crying! (why baby? I fed you right? why now?). The husband got pissed on one side, the baby pissed on the other side and there I was, sitting in the middle of nowhere, penning the end of my 'romantic' 'one fine night' story!

The next morning when he left, I looked at the mirror (snatching some 'me' minutes from my 'mom-on-toes' life). An impulse ran down my mind. I called my aunt. Asked her to babysit her for sometime. As she arrived, I left my abode! I straight away went to a gym, then to a cosmetologist and then headed towards the mall.  The gym people tried to sell me a hot (expensive) deal of weight loss, making me feel 'Over-Over-Weight'! The cosmetologist tried to crack a heavy bargain package of Skin Enhancement, making me feel 'Ugly-Ugliest'. And of all, the dress I picked to buy, almost 'choked me to death' (I chose two size lesser than mine!)

Feeling disgusted, when I came back from my 'Impulsive Excursion', to my surprise, my baby gave me the warmest welcome ever! She started clapping, smiling and all excited to see me. She made me feel as if I am the most beautiful woman on earth. My agony just vanished!

It's just that, I took motherhood too seriously! Yes, as new moms, we tend to loose the equilibrium! Family pressure, lack of support, adapting to a new environment, adjusting with the baby and above all...those 'god-blessed-agony aunts'...all make us the prey to self pity and ignorance! Being a mom is the best feeling in the world. No skin enhancement can give me the glow that my baby's smile can bring on my face. I want to be fit but won't die starving myself. After all, who doesn't like relishing chocolates with the little ones! And, more than being a 'Sexy Siren' I like my new 'I-give-a-damn' look more!

And, for my darling 'pissed' husband (whom I ignored completely!):  What about a movie date, this weekend, 'baby'?

P.S. : Called my aunt. She will be coming over to baby sit my lil one. Arranged my baby's clothes, diapers, emergency medicines, before hand. Baby food stored. All done. Now, my checklist says: GO, HAVE FUN...'BABY'....

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