Whatsapp MIL? The 'in-laws' in Social Media...
|   Jun 26, 2017
Whatsapp MIL? The 'in-laws' in Social Media...


Before going through this piece, you need to know the definition first. According to the recent survey conducted by DIL's (daughter-in-laws), the above term refers to the dominance of in-laws on Social media, precisely on Facebook and Whatsapp. They stalk DIL's profile and are always 'online'. They have numerous Whatsapp groups and they are the ones to wish you 'Gudmrng', 'Gud-aftrnun' and 'Gudn8te' irrespective of how your day goes!

(A heartfelt excerpt from one of my friend's life, who was termed as a 'rebel' when she deleted her Facebook and uninstalled her Whatsapp!)

Yes, its not less than any sort 0f a torture, when you do have 6-8 family groups, your Facebook profile is vulnerable to Pammi Aunty- who is always the first one to like your photographs and would put her special comment 'Ossom...lov u 2' (Awesome for us!) and the next moment she calls your mother-in-law to discuss the sleeveless top that you wore in the picture.


The latest episode of the 'Saas-Bahu-Saga-Season X' begins! 

(I enter home after a tiring day in office and there she is, on a silent mode. I try to gauge the severity of the situation but my already tired mind failed to suggest much. I had put her son's ironed clothes back in place, got pencil colors for my 3 year old, have booked the gas refill, wished my 'uncle-in-laws- sister's-son's-granddaughter-in-law' a 'Happy Anniversary' (irrespective of knowing who she is married too!) then what can be the cause? I muster all my courage and with the slogan of 'Jai Mahishmati', I ask the most dreaded question, "What happened mom?"

Mom: (silence prevails)

Me: (Warning! Warning!)

Me: Mom?

Mom: Even if something had happened, you are too busy to understand!

Me: (there's more to it, don't interrupt)

Mom: You people are so smart and stylish, but at least you as a 'Daughter-in-law' should try to keep the name of the family up. Don't you think so?

Me: (as long as I remember, I didn't quit my job and run away with my boss, I didn't buy diamonds out of her son's money, I didn't go to my mother's place and stayed for more than a week then what happened?)  I didn't get you Mom?

Mom: Yes, why would you?

Me: Please, tell me Mom!

Mom: Pammi Aunty...remember?

Me: Yea..our far away relative whom we did not see for some 'light years'! ( I was quick!)

Mom: See, that's how you talk...Anyways, she called me today and she talked about you!

Me: (Why? So, if it's regarding getting pregnant again to get them a grandson, I am sorry!) So, what did she say?

Mom: Did you change your profile picture on 'Facebook'? Don't you think, you should consult with us prior changing your DP? You just can't put anything there. You are married in our family and all our relatives are on Facebook. You should at least be careful about FB!

Me: But your son has also posted many of our pictures...

Mom: You can't argue like that...but to keep the name of our family, depends upon you as a daughter-in-law. This time, I somehow managed, so please remove that picture and show me the one that you are going to put next. And, don't think of deleting your account or else what will our relatives say, if you don't have a FB account!

Me: Period! 

So, that was Pammi Aunty's 'Ossom...lov u 2' did for me!


(I am in the middle of a meeting and my boss is at his level best. Suddenly, my phone rings. Once, twice, thrice! I get scared, if something happened to my daughter. I get out of the meeting and call back)

Me: Hello, Mom. What happened? Is everything alright? I was in a meeting.

Mom: Yes, Beta. Don't worry. I just called you to remind that it's your aunt-in-laws birthday. All the other daughter-in-laws have Whatsapped! Only you forgot. Quickly Whatsapp her or you will be the last one. And listen, do wish her in all the 3 groups - Family, My family, My dear Family. Okay Beta? Don't forget! Bye.

Me: (Do I have any answers?) Period!

As if, all the other social issues were not enough, now the Social Media is turning to be the another form of exploitation! It's a sorry state that the Saas-Bahu thing has entered this arena too! Till the time we won't change our thinking, no development will help us grow and, to change our thinking, these Pammi Aunty's need to be blocked! What do you suggest?

P.S. - Mr. Zuckerberg, don't you think its high time to put one MIL check on FB? Please consider - A candid plea of an Indian Bahu stalked by Pammi Aunty!


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