Grandparents….a blessing for every child!
|   Jun 29, 2016
Grandparents….a blessing for every child!

Three months ago I stepped into the world of motherhood when my son came into our lives. While parenthood is one of the most special experiences for any parent, it is an equally, or probably more special an experience for grandparents.

Our son is lucky to have all four of his grandparents around to love and pamper him. His birth brought them all together and that’s when I realized how special the birth of grandchildren is for our parents, especially with the first born of the family. The love, care, playfulness that a child receives from his/ her grandparents is, in many ways, different than what s/he gets from the parents.

From staying up nights during the early weeks of the baby’s life to feed and calm him, to buying the best of stuff for him, to running around the baby and taking care of him even despite aching knees and tiredness of the day – they do it all defying the weariness of old age.

While parents shower all the love they can on their baby, there are times when they get angry at the kid when he gets cranky for more than a couple of hours for no conceivable reason or behaves unreasonably on growing up or just throws a tantrum for no rhyme or reason. However, grandparents never, ever get angry on their grandkids. They are always there as a shield to protect the kid on those occasions when the parents get angry at him/ her.  

I hope as parents we are able to raise kids who reciprocate the love that they receive from their grandparents. As grandparents, all they yearn for is the happiness and well-being of their grandkids and the smallest acts of love showered by our kids would give them the joy of the world.

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