|   May 09, 2016
We all want obedient and well behaved kids and in our desire, we forget that just as we give birth to kids, similarly, as parents, give birth to their behaviour too.
We become so used to the daily nagging, stress and frustrations and also the entirely wrong way of dealing with them, that knowingly and unknowingly we make our innocent children a part of this rough world at a very tender age, perhaps, at an age, when they should know only the beautiful part of this big world.
Parenting is tough, it requires time and dedication and more than anything it demands total love, despite the daily stress, the regular work and various other issues.
Our children will definitely understand us when they grow up, but right now, we need to understand them. They do not have that emotional capacity to assess our requirements and conditions. But because we do, it is our duty to give them everything they need to become a better person and to stay happy forever.
And that everything is just very little. They want us to get involved with them, to listen to them and be child like with them at times.
And believe me, there is no other stress buster than being with a child, whose innocence  makes us forget all our worries.
It may sound easy in words, but it is easier in action too. Little patience, lots of warmth towards the child and some quality time will do wonders to her future. 

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