|   Dec 17, 2016

                                                                                A DREAM DATE


                Sunita had just woken up to her melodious alarm and at once the thoughts of the previous night’s acrimonious argument with Sanjay flashed through her mind. “Can’t you just remind me of something good early in the morning?” she cursed her mind. Sunita was on a date to Goa with Sanjay. They had driven all the way from Pune to Goa on a most awaited date. She had planned, prepared and rehearsed, God knows how many times, on how she would express her love for him on that day. But the bitter argument during their long drive the previous night had botched up all her plans and the very thought of it now put her in a state of distress, anxiety and frustration. She got out of her bed to refresh herself. She splashed water on her face over and over again, as if she felt it would wash those painful thoughts off her mind. Just then she heard her room bell ringing. It was Sanjay. He had brought with him 2 cups of coffee.

                They had rented a service apartment just so that they could help themselves with some personalised treats such as this and Sanjay made the most out of it. “Thanks,” said Sunita with the hangover of the previous night’s altercation still looming large at her. It was the first time Sanjay had ever prepared a coffee for her, but it was perfect to her taste- not very strong, not light and of the exact sweetness she preferred. Sunita was surprised. Sanjay, who always preferred tea, was having coffee too. Sunita could not set her eyes off Sanjay but somehow she felt he disappointed her last night and owed to apologise to her. Sanjay could read her mind but he preferred to leave the past behind. For about a quarter-of-an-hour, they sat there sipping at their coffee cups without speaking anything to each other except for a casual greeting- “Good Morning.”

                Sunita was back from her shower. Somehow not able to forget things, Sunita was yet to get back to her form. She dressed her up the best she could, for, it was the day she had been waiting for, but reluctantly, as something was continuously troubling her. “Why don’t you just come and say, sorry I hurt you last night. I will hug you tight. I love you, man, why don’t –“her thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Sanjay again, this time dressed up in one of her favourite combo and also matching with her outfit to the Tee- light blue Tees, black jeans and a white hooded sleeveless jacket. He held her by her hand gently and took her to the dining table. “I know you must be hungry. Please help yourself, Suni” he said. Suni. That’s how he called her when he was happy and she liked it too. On the table was her favourite- Aloo Parathas. In all that she had known, Sanjay had never known cooking. The shape of the parathas more than just said it- they were of all shapes or may be even representing each continent. But they tasted just divine, she thought. Sanjay could read her mind. After all, they are made of love, he thought to himself. No wonder, the parathas not only managed to satiate Sunita’s hunger but they also managed to change her mood a little.

                The next hour they were ready to hit the beach. Just as Sanjay was about to get into the driver’s seat, Sunita asked, “Shall I?” Sanjay was taken aback, because Sunita had never agreed to drive a car, no matter how many times he had requested her earlier. “With Pleasure”, he said handing over the keys to her. Slowly, Sunita was getting back into mood. Sanjay had set the ambience perfectly. He had brought with him a collection of her all-time favourite songs, to which they were listening to as they were driving through the busy streets of Goa.

                In a couple of hours, Sunita found herself singing songs to Sanjay. Sunita was no great a singer, or to put it correctly, she was a terrible singer, but she knew Sanjay always loved to hear her sing. This time though, it wasn’t the only reason she was singing, but she also wanted to hint at the feeling she shared for him. Sunita had already realised that it wasn’t a sorry that she wanted to hear from him any longer but she wanted to hear him say he loved her. She was more than just ready to say it first but somehow felt it’d be better to hear it first than say it. Or maybe perhaps, it was her ego that was holding her back.

                As Sanjay and Sunita were sitting in the beach the full moon was out there casting its magic on the couple. They sat there not taking their eyes off each other nor actually speaking to each other as if their hearts were in telepathy mode. Sunita asked, “Dinner?” picking up some topic to start with. She hated this silence. She hated those sharp eyes of his that were making her blush. “At the apartment” said Sanjay. “Shall we go?” asked Sunita. “Sure” said Sanjay, “if only you promised to let me do the cooking.” “No, please” said Sunita jokingly, “I am the only daughter for my parents.”

                As Sunita kept rehearsing to speak her mind out, or rather speak her heart out, Sanjay prepared her favourite Vegetable Biryani for dinner. The biryani was paired up with Sunita’s favourite spicy potato chips. But for that slight burnt up smell, the biryani was mouth-watering. After all, it was the first time Sanjay ever cooked and there is so much so that one can cook referring to online recipes.

                Sunita was now dressed in a white, Sanjay’s favourite colour, layered casual gown. She let her shoulder length black hair loose, something she does only when she’s on an outing with Sanjay, with a white stone studded clip to pair with her dress. She had put on a mild rose fragrant perfume, again Sanjay’s favourite, in a deliberate attempt to sweep him off his feet. She did succeed for sure, for Sanjay could hardly take his eyes off her. “Dressed to kill” he said to himself. Sunita could sense that he was indeed enchanted, and sat there blushing at the same time flushed with pride in having him spellbound.

Just as they finished their dinner, Sunita was trying to gather all courage to speak out, Sanjay took Sunita by her hand for a dance. Sunita always loved to shake her feet, but for Sanjay, just shaking the feet is all that he could do in the name of dance. But Sanjay knew Sunita would love him doing it. The light music in the background found the couple’s heart just melting for each other. Sanjay had done all his homework right; Slowly Sanjay carried Sunita in his hands and took her to the portico. As the full moon glowed on Sunita’s face that was flushing pink already, Sanjay pulled out a beautiful red rose from his pocket and said, “Neither this vibrant full moon and nor those twinkling little stars could shine as much as you do. The brightness they add to this night, doesn’t match to that you add to my life. I love you. I love you Suni. You have made my world such a beautiful place. You have made my life a purposeful one. I don’t even want to know what my life would be without you. For, all that I know now and will ever know is just you, you and only you.”

                Suddenly, Sunita was speechless. Sanjay had literally stolen words from her mind. “I love you too, Sanju,”said Sunita. That’s how Sanjay loved none but Sunita calling him. Sanjay kissed her gently on her forehead and said, “Happy 10th wedding anniversary dear.”  “For you too,” said Sunita. As they sat there looking with love at each other, the diamond ring that Sanjay got for Sunita and the I-phone 7s that Sunita got for Sanjay lay, silently in their bags as their hearts had already conveyed the message loud and clear. 

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