Dear Grandmother (प्रिय आजी)... I will spend max. possible time with you; A promise on your Birthday.
|   Aug 13, 2017
Dear Grandmother (प्रिय आजी)... I will spend max. possible time with you; A promise on your Birthday.

GRAND Mother, the name itself suggests about an enlarged copy of motherhood. God cannot be present everywhere, so he made a mother for each one of us. But yes for his choicest kids; those who are very fortunate are blessed with another BIG mother, a Grandmother whose scope is only to love, & pamper.

My mother was an independent parent and breadwinner for the family, so it was my Grandparents who practically raised us (me and my brother), especially my Grandmother. Whatever I am today; I owe it to her.

Dear Aaji (Grandmother),

Perhaps you have no idea how much I love you and desire for your presence 24x7. Since my Kindergarten days you’ve regularly prepared my lunch box with healthy snacks, finished household chores with a deadline before the grand-kids arrive from school, changed our uniforms, served hot lunch, took our lessons, and completed almost everything well before mommy used to be back from work…

The list is endless and so were your tasks.

Often, I used to trick you for avoiding my share of mundane work, but you were too innocent to understand those pranks.

I remember how you nursed us in our sickness; how you helped Mommy by managing her house along with yours while she was appointed for the election duties for days and weeks together. How you fulfilled each and every wish of ours similar or say more than mommy could.

Time flies…

When my daughter was born, you were not able to lend a helping hand, but your personality, your experience, your constant instructions and most importantly your PRESENCE were my pillars. 

Today, while managing my 5 year old kid, I often lose my temper, at times get frustrated, and it makes me think how you managed all these difficulties for us; that too comparatively at a much senior age.

Now that you’ve crossed 80s {will never disclose your age; you look sweet 16}, your health is automatically deteriorating and therefore a long list of questions keep haunting my mind very often.

One fine day, you may leave us… that is a fact and I am forced to accept it.

But the questions that will always remain unanswered are…

How will I live without you?

I mean 31 years of your shelter; if suddenly comes to a halt then how am I going to face it?

Who will follow up with my mother every day for calling me?

Of-course my mother will call me whenever she feels like, but who is going to be behind her to do that constantly?

Who will desperately await my arrival?

If my arrival is preplanned, will there be anyone in your absence continuously focused on the door waiting for me to dash in?

Who will be noting my visit on the calendar?

Means your constant complaints stating I hardly come to see you or I have no time for you; on the other hand my family feels how often I visit you…

And like a typical daughter and wife, I maintain the equilibrium keeping both the parties happy! :)

Who will cherish my arrival?

Saying that, I mean the warm tight hug that lasts for minutes together until you say “enough… Enoughh… EEEnoughhhhhhfffff”.

My interest in visiting the maiden home will drop by a large extent if you aren’t there, and nobody can help it.

But TODAY, on the occasion of your 80+ birthday I would gift you a commitment:

“I will spend maximum time possible with you and treasure each moment of it”. Saying that it is important to define how? And here goes my definition, not very sure how many will like it, but yes I am firm on my opinion keeping in mind that any day or any moment could be the last one as life in itself is uncertain;

Therefore I have decided to avail a maximum two days leave every month from my routine apart from festivals/ holidays, to spend quality time with you.

Logic behind this calculation is very simple and practical– Commonly, people apply for long leaves of 10-15 days in case of any good-bye (I hope it’s clear, what I mean by good-bye) of a family member.

Of-course, we have to follow certain religious customs and rituals which make us wait at home to trail the mourning period, but my views are different.

Though I will be sad, I will not spend any time as a grief of your absence, I wish God never takes you away from me but whenever he does so, I will not regret. I will be happy that I’ve spent maximum  time with you, made you laugh, made you relive old days, and boosted you with lots of energy only by my presence and endless talks that make you happy. 

I just pray to God to give you ample health and energy as long as you are alive. The day when we have to say a good bye should be a satisfactory one for me with no regrets in mind.

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