Pocket Friendly & Eco-Friendly - Periods
|   Jul 22, 2017
Pocket Friendly & Eco-Friendly - Periods

After my detailed reviews on Reusable Menstrual Products like Cloth Pads ; Menstrual Cup; & Period Panties; I now come –up with my views about a totally different product called “Saafkin”. Though I always promote a product and not any brand; this time I had to take the liberty since Saafkin is a unique product with no competitive brands.

Q. What is Saafkin?

A. It is the world’s first washable, reusable, yeast and bacteria killing sanitary napkin (Not to be confused with Cloth Pad).

Q. Why should I use it?

A. It is a reusable and non-leaking sanitary napkin made of stain release fabric for reuse and easy wash. Thus it’s Health- Friendly; Environment-Friendly.

Q. How is it reusable?

A. The stain release fabric can be used for one year or 60 washes. It has special leak-proof lining and absorbs fluid even on heavy flow days.

Q. How is it pocket-friendly?

A. The cost of one packet of Saafkins (One packet contains two units) is just Rs. 150, considering a minimum stock of two napkins for alternate use means just Rs. 12.5 per month.

Q. It is degradable:

A. It is 85 percent biodegradable.

So after acquiring all my “Basic” queries answered, I was still not very convinced with the design, but highly impressed with the “Cost Factor”. It was the most economic reusable option I came across and thus I decided to give it a try, as I keep promoting “Reusable” concept to women from all variety of social and economic backgrounds.

Coming back to my experience with Saafkin, this product contains elastic and can be worn just like your underwear. The firm elastic is adjustable with a knob to pull and fit your waist and will hold it in place and is soft on the skin. 

It is a good option for those women who do not prefer wearing underwear but are forced to wear during periods.

After wearing this, you may top it up with your regular panty, and the feel is exactly like that of any sanitary napkin. Let’s see the merits and demerits now:


  1. Comfortable and dry equivalent to a disposable sanitary napkin.
  2. Very Good Length can be worn overnight too (Depending on your flow).
  3. Release stains (after dipping in cold water for 30 min.) like magic and acquires a fresh look.
  4. Very less water required in washing as compared to cloth pads.
  5. Dries faster even in the humid / heavy monsoon weather of a place like Goa.
  6. Extremely Pocket friendly, and will be easily affordable by women from all income groups.
  7. Apart from menstrual flow, it’ll be a great economic and easy option for handling daily discharge, mild incontinence and postpartum bleeding especially because it dries faster


  1. It is a belted sanitary napkin, and no scope of its “attachment” with your underwear.
  2. Topping it with underwear will call for two elastics at a time upon your waist.
  3. An extra care is required for your bathroom trips since the underwear and napkin should be removed together to let you pee or poop.

So altogether it is a win-win product as it has doubled on merits compared to demerits. I suggested you can give it a try starting from your light flow days or a backup when you are out on the day you expect your period, since the cost is very low, there is no scope to regret on your investment. :)

PS: To know more about alternative Eco-friendly  products for a sustainable menstruation visit the volunteer funded website www.greenthered.in 

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