Calm parents bring calm kids: unbeatable
|   Jan 03, 2017
Calm parents bring calm kids: unbeatable

They have answers to 5W's and 1H:

1. Why you behave in a certain manner?

2. What do you do in front of others?

3. Where do you pile your anger?

4. When you loose your cool?

5.Who you listen to?


1.How do you do it?

They observe you 24*7, they have been observing you since they were born and this is the reason they will be 5-10% either better or worse than you.. because a guava tree can never borne a mango. The saying might be old but it is as true as it was in old times.

Some kids are great at throwing tantrums and some accepting. Of course we don't want kids to loose their innocence and start accepting like adults still we should behave with them in a manner so that they can understand the difference between good and bad behaviour. Better then explaining to them, if we behave in an appropriate manner when things are not going as planned can teach the kids a lot.

Gradually decreasing their tantrums we can channelise the flow of their volcanic energy into desirable direction that can be pulling of any hobby for example colouring, painting, skating, story reading etc.

So, if we want an updated better version of us.. we will have to upgrade ourselves with lots of love, patience and acceptance. Hope all you calm parents will bring calm kids. It's easy to play with the plant in the initial stage..put lot of good soil..and tie it up with a stick when the plant is small. Once it becomes a tree it will be stubborn enough to be adjusted. It is us who have to decide whether we want to change our kids behaviour once they are young or is it better to incorporate changes now? We are the one with best answers within and we know very well when we are not behaving the way we should, a little self-introspection and we can change our kids future.

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