Finding a daughter-in-law is not loosing your son......
|   Jan 08, 2017
Finding a daughter-in-law is not loosing your son......

How can you loose the one who was once part of your body? Why are you insecure? Is your love too week to get lost in his new world? Haven't you invested enough love that you don't believe in it? Why were you eager to find a charming, educated,understanding,compatible girl for your son? Is she a trophy for you? Weren't you also married one day and was in same shoes? This trail of questions is unending. I smile as the get to see this insecurity in lots and lots of women.

Are we giving what we expected from our mother-in-law or are we giving what we got from her?

She is a beautiful girl full of all the dreams, she hears these nasty comment,"Now we are sidelined" by the mother-in-law or "Bhai, doesn't bring anything for me now as Bhabhi has come" by sister-in-law. Are we happy that our son, our brother is investing in his new relation or we are cribbing. I still do not understand the reason for cribbing. No one can replace you. A mothers place will always be of mothers. Whenever your daughter-in-law will cook something good your son will miss u. Whenever your daughter-in-law will crack silly jokes and fight with your son, she will remind him of his sister.

New moments will be created that doesn't mean old will be evaporated. As they have just moved in as married couple they have a lot to explore, let them. Once they get into family planning, have kids, their role will change. They will be acting more as mom & dad then husband and wife. They will always love you and respect you for giving that space. They will be closer to you. Ask them to go to pubs, live their lives, spend time together, make their relationship stronger, let them lay the base because this time doesn't last forever as being Indian in-laws you will soon be demanding your Grand Kid.

Gift of time is the best gift one can ever gift. Love them for their togetherness. They will be all yours for the lifetime.

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