I am not going out for work BUT I am not a housewife
|   Jan 31, 2017
I am not going out for work BUT I am not a housewife

Housewife – till now is supposed to be used for all other ladies except those who go out 9-5 everyday and work. I remember telling in school every year in introduction that “My father is a government servant and my Mom is a housewife”. Even in job interviews it remained same. But with time I think this term has lost its real meaning. A wife or a mom who does not go out 9-5 on job is no more a house wife.

There are more categories of women now.

  1. Women in regular jobs
  2. Women Entrepreneurs
  3. Women working from home
  4. Women chilling and pursuing their hobby regardless  if it pays or not
  5. Women who work FOR their home ( trust me it’s the toughest job)


When I left my job every other person started asking me If I will fire my full time maid. I was surprised to listen to it. Why the hell on earth will I fire her? And the answer is, Now when you will be home you can manage all the chores on your own. Really?? It pisses me off. Guys, I left my job to spend some time with my growing daughter and to relax and you want me to make round chapattis.

I left job to do what I wanted to do in life more passionately without compromising on my growing daughter. I want to party with friends, I want to go out and have fun, I want to watch movies which I was missing for so many years, I want to go on holidays with my daughter, I want to visit my mum and I want to do whatever I feel like doing without any hiccups.

I manage my home nicely as a manager. I have staff that takes care of all the daily things like cleaning, cooking, washing etc. Why will I disturb that?

When my daughter is back home from school we spend time playing and doing homework and not cooking and washing utensils or cleaning the mess.

And when she is out in school I work from home on my idea or go out for fun with friends or write a blog like this.

Where do I have the time to cook and clean?

So, please every non office going women is not a house wife. To be a housewife needs lots of efforts and hard work and I think ,at least I am not worth to be a house wife.

I salute those women who stay at home and take care of the things on their own. It seems to me bigger then starting my own company.


Love yourself !! Be yourself!! 

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