Fussy milk drinker!!! Then here are some alternatives...
|   Feb 14, 2016
Fussy milk drinker!!! Then here are some alternatives...

I give a cup of milk to my elder daughter who is into pre-nursery; everybody at home is frozen as how to make her complete the cup of milk!! She has been fussy with milk right from the beginning, no matter what health mixes specifically available for children you add, she doesn't take a sip inside. And when I forcibly make her finish the milk just a small cup size, she'll take around 30-40 minutes of time. And sometimes to our frustration only quarter part of the milk is complete! So, I always had this in my mind on how do I make her gain calories from milk which is so very nutritious. I took this complaint to my family pediatrician and he had to tell me that milk is almost 80-85% water, to add calories to your child's diet prepare solidified snacks using milk and milk by-products. So, from then on I stopped insisting on drinking milk. And I try to have a snack ready in my mind and make the snack even more interesting to her every time by getting her involved to prepare it.

  Few snacks which are top in my list and which just take 15 minutes of our cooking time:

  1) Rice kheer ( soak rice in water before hand for 30 minutes and then pressure cook and then boil it with milk and add sugar/jaggery as per the taste)

 2) Parched rice kheer : This one is even more quicker than the rice kheer. Just soak the parched rice for 10-15 minutes and drain out the water add warm milk and crushed jaggery and we can also add sliced bananas.

 3) Semolina kheer: dry roast the semolina, add milk and cook for about 5-10 minutes. Once semolina is cooked, add sugar/jaggery as per the taste and top it with ghee and dry nuts mixture.

For the above sweet savories, we can add ghee and also roughly powdered dry-nuts mixture. This powder is always available in my kitchen.

For the dry nuts mixture, I use: 1 cup of almonds (slightly heated)

                                                   3/4 cup dry dates ( seed removed and cut into halves to help in grinding better)

                                                   1/2 cup raisins

                                                   1/4 cup cashew nuts(slightly heated)

Grind all of them into a coarse mixture and use as a topping to the savories.

We can also prepare instant dosa( mix of wheat flour, bengal gram flour, ragi(millet) flour) topped with ghee (dosa prepared as a sweet dosa or a normal dosa) as suitable to our children's taste buds.

  We can also prepare spicy puffed rice/parched rice which is good; when we want a break from preparing anything elaborate. To prepare the same we need to have a seasoning of mustard seeds, ground nuts, fried bengal gram, curry leaves, pinch of turmeric powder, salt and red chilly powder as per taste and mix the seasoning with puffed/perched rice and store it in air tight box. This snack is ready to eat and stays for longer time.

We can go for deep-fried oil items once in a while like pakodas, but possibility is we end up eating more than required!!

I'm sure most of you might have even more different ideas... Do share if you have anything to add...



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