Paid no heed to old myths post my pregnancy!
|   Jan 20, 2016
Paid no heed to old myths post my pregnancy!

When a baby is born, they say that the mother is also born, earlier she is only a woman! From then on, you'll have innumerable advises from all around, on the kind of nutrition for the mother and the warming up methods for the mom and the baby, and on how to feed and how often to feed the baby! Primarily, you'll be in the emotional turbulence of managing yourself and your new-born. For both my kid's post pregnancy phase, I did not care to follow any of the old wives myths; like tie a cotton saree or a physician recommended belt around the abdomen, eat everything which is boiling hot, right from the stove no matter if you get to burn your tongue, and anyways it's only your tongue but the baby will be warm and no liquids intake.(I meant only water,juice is a strict no after pregnancy)

In earlier days, people lived together in a joint family and each woman in the family was responsible for different tasks. Hence the new mother got the pampering to all the miscellaneous things, to name a few like elongated warming-up methods after bath with the pre-heated charcoal, restricting to specific diet and lot of sleep as she sat only to feed the baby. As the elders in the home were not so elderly in the age as in numbers and were strong enough to do the assigned household chores. My mother and mother-in-law share their post-pregnancy phase that they rejoiced a lot! But, today the situations are different; our older generation have to say that the kids then did not open their eyes until they turned 2-3 months old, but these days kids are super active and see the world as soon as they're out of the mother's womb! The onset of nuclear families and only mother or mother-in-law for help, the new mom cannot afford the time and patience to follow the good old methods. The new mom is  juggling with the new-born with all the sleepless nights to come to a normal routine, and as mentioned advises will pour without any constraints, but primarily I did not feel to follow the advises. Unless I felt, I have a good diet maintained and adjust myself and the baby to the weather. 

The new mother needs to guide future new mommies to have nutritional food with lot of liquids intake. My consulting gynaecology doctor for my first pregnancy told me bluntly on the face  "you're not a patient, you're a new mom. Enjoy the phase and stop restrictions which are baseless!" From both of my post pregnancy phases, I have understood one important thing; a new mom has arrived with the baby, she needs a lot of mental peace and emotional support with good nutritional food and she will take it forward.

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