Colic Baby # No No
|   Apr 28, 2016
Colic Baby # No No
I have been talking to a lot of Moms since the time I was pregnant. Many of those Moms complained about their colic baby. Now I know from my own experience that how hard it is to see your little one crying, almost uncontrollable and they cry their lungs out and it’s even harder to calm them down! Fortunately our champ is not a colic baby and I would love to share what had helped me in my journey.

  • Breast feed your baby for at least 5 to 6 months. (Only breast milk if possible)
  • Do not over do with the feeding - I had always made sure to feed my baby at regular intervals. I feed her when she is about to get hungry rather than waiting for her to make a call (you will slowly learn her pattern). Also remember- every time crying doesn't mean that they are hungry, probably that's the first emotion they learn to express almost everything. So for initial couple months I had stuck with 2 hours rule. There were days when my Grandma told my little one and indirectly to me “Beta, you will still have to wait for a while before it's 2 hours” and gave me that irritating look. Slowly we realized that it worked well for us. My baby ate well at regular intervals because she was really hungry. When she was about 3 months, she started getting more active. So if she is awake and in a mood to play, she won’t eat even if she was hungry and that made me worried. Slowly I figured out routine for her. She used to take 3 naps during the day (till 6 months, now she is about 16 months) So every time she was about to get up (half asleep), I feed her and she would eat well and wakes up with a smile! Lately during summer, she sometimes wants to eat often and they give you indication! So don’t worry, change routine if they ask for :)
  • Tummy time from tender age – I was at my parents’ place for initial couple months after the baby was born. During my first visit to local pediatrician, he explained me the importance of tummy time.  In fact he mentioned if your child is comfortable then let her sleep on tummy 24x7, There is no harm, only benefits. Lungs get stronger, Gases release (best solution for colic babies) and also help her getting control of the head faster. You may have to train your baby initially though! I started with 2 minutes and now she sleeps on tummy all the time. ( I started tummy time when she was merely 2 months)
  • No cradle – we decided not to go with cradle for 3 reasons. First, we wanted to train baby for tummy time which was not possible with cradle. Second, I have seen many kids who are so habitual to cradle that they don’t want to sleep without it. If you are visiting your friends or  a family, you either have to come home before your baby wants to sleep and gets cranky or carry portable cradle with you everywhere. Third, my parents explained me the importance of physical touch and insisted that baby sleeps with me. At night, if she gets up, Mother's touch is sufficient to make her feel secure and comfortable. However, there are many parents who find cradle a must and i don't object :)
  • Breathe fresh – I’m sure most of the Moms (specially the working Moms) will agree with me that it’s initially difficult to accept the change no matter how much you are excited with the presence of your little one. Staying home all the time, changing diapers, following feeding routine, "No No" to outside food, no visits to movie theaters - it's not easy ! There is no “ME” time! You don’t have time to workout or check your emails. It was difficult for me too like any other Mom. For a while I felt social disconnect. When my little one was about 22 days, I went to my parents’s place.  It’s a bungalow with a front yard. So I used to spent lot of time in open air and that helped me relieve some stress (In fact my Mom took care of little one most of the times!) Hence when I returned to Home where we stay in an apartment, I made sure I go downstairs at least in the evenings with little one. She was 3 months by then. That 30-40 minutes outing worked as stress buster. Seeing other kids playing, neighbors returning from work, meeting elderly people around, exchanging smiles, walking down the street to do quick grocery gave me sense of social connect. Breathing fresh air, spending time under open sky helps, truly!
  • Be happy – Happy moms raise happy kids! If you are happy, baby is happy too. If you are stressed, so does the baby! All though they can’t speak, they are in learning phase. They understand emotions, so beware about your own actions! Stay happy and stay blessed!

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