When Cupid Strikes!
|   May 08, 2017
When Cupid Strikes!

It is so magical when you join the dots in retrospect and wonder how many times Cupid was trying to strike you with its arrow.

Even way before I met my husband officially , I had been noticing him around my college premises for various reasons.

The five scenarios I clearly remember were :

  • Who is this 'huge guy' jumping around in the 'youth for equality' strike! - yes the milestone movement of doctors against reservations.
  • Who is this 'huge guy' making a ruckus in the annual college fest Antakshari! -let me put it this way , he was the most embarrassing guy on stage.
  • Who is this 'huge guy' blocking the view of the black board! - he was a front seater and I as usual preferred the back bench !
  • Who is this 'huge guy' messaging me on Orkut - 'Are you MB from LHMC?' -and when I asked , was I that famous. He said no , only notorious people are famous !
  • Who is this 'huge guy' staring at me in CCD! - not the stalker kind of a stare, just the friendly peek-a-boo!

And finally this 'huge guy' approached me in person and swept me off my feet .

Sometimes you meet someone when you least expect it . I had literally come to a conclusion that ' Alpha females have to settle for Beta Males ' (yes , I kind of still believe I am an Alpha female) and that God cannot do as good a job as He has done on me , but my Bae did turn out to be a pleasant surprise!

For me marriage was not the obvious next step. I had decided that I will tie the knot only when I find someone worth adjusting for , because this holy bond of matrimony is a labour of love !

We already have enough mediocrity in society , let not love be one of them !

This is how Cupid struck me . How did you meet your soulmate - do tell me your story !

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