My sibling My best friend!!!
|   Dec 16, 2015
My sibling My best friend!!!
When I was expecting my lil one ...the second lil one to be precise :) every one around I met was telling me don't worry things will be easier this time. The younger one will learn from the elder and the elder one will have a company at home! WoW my life will become wonderful... My two lil bundles playing together giggles in the house !!!
And the day arrived....
In the hospital when she came to visit us My dear daughter said "mama this is a real baby :O!" I was delighted to see her happy, smiling and welcoming him to our lives!!.
The very next day while I was folding his clothes I heard her saying, if from now mama will do stuff ONLY for was while buying feeding bottles, we have come here to buy stuff for him ONLY and the last one after a week was the biggest one....PUT HIM BACK IN your Tummy or SEND him back to the hospital!!!!
My dream was taking a practical shape :)
Initially it was only the elder one complaining but the day he started expressing his feelings in words Shouts and cries all of a sudden changed to ITS MINE..MAMA. Her homework was looking more interesting to him than any other toy or book in this world. 
Before the situation worsen and I loose my temper every hour and start shouting with them I tried some tricks which really worked.

Keep all toys in a line before play time and be a shopkeeper, tell them to ask for which one you want one by one! This will teach them make intelligent choices.  I have seen change in choices every time we play this :)

Instead of saying " Why don't you tell him how to do this" to your elder one say " Mama doesn't know how to do this may be did knows can you help us please."
This will make the trust grow, your lil one will trust the elder one that she is there to help not snatch!! I saw my daughter herself to help him with a  new toy or  reading a book. She really thinks mama can not do it and I CAN :)!!!

Try to talk to them together, when you are back from office and they want to tell you the whole day long story and want you to give preference to one of them. Always acknowledge with name!!!! When you acknowledge with name you will not miss anything because the other one will repeat his or hers :P!!
I am learning and almost there....;)

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