Good Excuse or Wise Choice 
|   Jan 31, 2017
Good Excuse or Wise Choice 

I believe my parents have been rather involved in my upbringing and have managed to raise a decent human being in the process .I have had access to the best education and received more than I could ever ask for . But that does not mean that my parents were hovering around me all the time . They have become my closest confidantes inspite of having day jobs and very thriving social lives and not once have I looked back and thought I wish they could spend more time with me . 

I think abundant has been said about how important it is for working parents to give time to their children and even more has been said on how a working mom raises better and more confident children . I would browse through these articles casually and always feel ,well ok each one is entitled to their opinion .Until recently when on a recent trip back home I had a distant elder in the family approach me and ask me "So beta , what are you occupied with these days ?"and honest to myself I replied saying raising a human to which pat came a reply "good excuse , good excuse ,good excuse " . It made me angry,it upset me and also at the same time made me ponder over how a SAHM is so undervalued . I am a very ambitious person , very social and aspire for intellectual stimulation  constantly but I dont think I need to be dressed dapper and going to a concrete block just to prove it .I assure you my child is in no way underconfident and I hope in the future she looks up to me as a practical , logical, hands on mum just like I look up to my mother . A mother who stayed at home and stepped out to work only when she was nearing her 40s . She never compromised on her happiness . She has tbe satisfaction of seeing her children grow up as well as the satisfaction of having a thriving career today and yet she and I believe it takes more grit , perserverance , sincerity and responsibility to raise a child as compared to anything else in the world . So , for all those people out there who condescend a SAHM mom ,just know she can run a house , raise a child as well as give any working prpfessional a good challenge when it comes to the grey matter department . As I have often said pregnancy is often overrated and motherhood more than often underrated .

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